What Day Do You Prefer to Have Sex with Your Partner

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What Day Do You Prefer to Have Sex with Your Partner

Some couples like to have a quickie in the afternoon while others prefer that “wake up in the morning sex”. Still others like the spontaneity of being completely random. |But have you ever wondered what day, and time specifically, the majority of couples tend to have sex? Well, lovehoney.com wanted to know the answer to this question so they set about finding out what the most opportune time for sexual relations would be. It turns out that it differs from what most people would have thought it to be.

Instead of couples getting together in the middle of the day or in the morning; it turns out that 44% of the couples chose Saturday for their escapades in the bedroom. Surprisingly, 7:37 pm seems to be the magic time for all of this to occur, which is an awkward time to say the least. What exactly is so special about 7:37 pm that makes 44% of the couples questioned decide they should spent more time in the bedroom having some fun? Of course Sunday at 24% and Friday at 22% are also used for the pleasures of the bedroom and the fun that ensues.

Although these days are fairly popular for love making, it seems that they have been chosen mainly because of the convenience rather than a surge of sexual energy. It is rather understandable, though, what with life being so hectic these days. It seems like people are always rushing back and forth trying to make a better life for themselves, and usually succeeding most of the time. When you think about it in terms of convenience, however, you start to lose the emotional connection that spontaneity often brings to the mix.

There are some couples that plan their sexual interludes so that they always have time to be together. While that may seem a bit strange for a lot of people, it does have some advantages. The main advantage it brings to the table is the fact that you know exactly when you should be getting undressed and you don’t have to worry about anyone catching you in the process. While spontaneous sex is usually the best you can have, being able to sit down with your partner and plan out what night and time you are going to have available will at least open up the lines of communication that might have closed over the years.

Another advantage to planning out your sex life is in the options that become available to you. The two of you will usually have enough time to plan out what kind of sexual escapades you want to get involved in; whether its roleplaying or some other fetish that the two of you enjoy. Just make sure you are planning it for 7:37 pm Saturday evening, though, since that is likely the perfect time to not get interrupted by friends or family.

It may be fun to think about the perfect day and time to have sex with your partner, but the main focus you should be having is with spending more time together. This is regardless of whether or not sex is even involved. If you find yourselves planning out every little moment to spend time with each other than there is a good chance that you need to slow down in your lives just a bit. Take the time to smell the roses, as the saying goes, and reconnect with each other on a deeper level. If you do this, then it won’t matter what day or time you pick because it will always be the right time.