Very Naughty Dating – New Features – Playing by the rules

Very Naughty Dating
We all like a bit of excitement in our lives, but sometimes getting it means playing by the rules. Here at Very Naughty Dates there’s nothing more important to us than offering our Members a good time online.

We’ve listened to what you want (NO, not that!) and we’re committed to making Very Naughty Dates a place you want to spend time and know what you’re getting.

Profile Checking
Like surprises? Don’t we all, but sometimes we get a nasty shock too. We want to make sure that only likeminded people get to have fun on Very Naughty Dates, so we’re going to be checking every new profile uploaded to make sure it meets the grade. If it doesn’t – you won’t be seeing it!
It’s not a one time thing either, every time a profile is changed or edited – we’ll be watching.

First Message Approval
We all like attention, but we’re keen to make sure it’s the right sort of attention you’re getting. So we’re introducing First Message Approval on Very Naughty Dates. All new Members will have their first message approved by us. This will help us weed out 99% of non-genuine Members who are up to no good.

We all use words to help us get what we want – and things are no different here on Very Naughty Dates. But some people use them to deliberately mislead or misrepresent themselves to others. That’s not the sort of activity we want going on within our site. Our new system allows us to monitor profiles, messages and diaries for suspicious or inappropriate activity and put a stop to it!

UK Based Customer Care
If you’ve got any further questions about these new features or anything else regarding your membership on Very Naughty Dates, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Care Team.  If you are not already a member of Very Naughty Dating, you can find our registration page here.