The pleasures of voyeurism


Watching other people having sex in a major turn on, otherwise the porn industry wouldn’t have developed the way it did. But voyeurism is more than just enjoying porn movies: you get turned on by spying on other people as they are engaged in any activity that is considered intimate. This is a fetish that has its shades of awkwardness and, as people are different, so are their tastes. Spying on people who have sex, undress, take a shower, use the toilet and even brush their teeth can be a major turn on that beats the real sexual intimacy with your partner.

When you spy on someone, you are also turned on by the fact that they don’t know you are there to watch. You can do this by hiding in public places, because hiding in someone’s closet is quite illegal and not worth the effort. You should still respect their intimacy, but this doesn’t not exactly go hand in hand with voyeurism. So the right way to go is to spy people that are in public. You can do that by taking photos in secret – and if you get caught you will appear to be a stalker – but you can’t get sued. Public showers and toilets are the ideal places where such kinkiness can be satisfied.

There are more dangerous practices that involve voyeurism. You can install hidden cameras in your places of interest and even hide in hotel rooms where you know couples tend to come for some sex break. Just make sure you don’t get caught. The experience is exciting and even addictive: you’ll never be sexually satisfied in the same way from traditional sex. I believe everyone is entitled to find happiness through sexual satisfaction and if voyeurism is your thing, go for it. You are not harming anyone, but if caught, you might be harmed in return.

If you enjoy spying and you want to play it as safe as possible, there are places where certain services are offered in exchange for money. You can pay and look at people doing whatever turns you on, but since you already know they are aware of your presence, the pleasure might not be that intense. If you are in a serious relationship, you should share this pleasure with your partner – you might have something in common. It’s not that odd for long time partners to involve a third person just so that one of them can watch their partner having sex with a stranger.

Play it safe or take a risk – you should get your share of the pleasure. If you haven’t tried it before and you love to watch porn movies, perhaps you would enjoy it. Try it with your partner – watching him or her undress or taking a shower – and see where it takes you. You can’t judge something if you haven’t tried it.