Tenth & Eleventh Day of XXXmas – Do you Swing that Way?

Tenth & Eleventh Day of XXXMas

Tenth & Eleventh Day of XXXMas

Those of you who have a partner and don’t want to cheat on them, you can do something even more naughty; date a single man or woman for a trio with your partner!

Online dating sites are again the best place to find a third person to join you in bed. For homosexual couples the choice is simple; get another man (if gay) or another woman (if lesbian) for a hot trio. But for those adventurous heterosexuals you must chose whether to get a second man or a second woman to have sex with… Discuss it with your partner and then invite the sexy woman or man over for the trio you’ve been dreaming of for so long! If that third person is a girl of guy you know well then the kinkiness factor can shoot through the roof as guys will watch their girl get pounded by their buddies and girls will watch their girlfriends ride their men.

So, I heard you like watching your friends have sex with your partner? (You know you do!). If that’s the case, then you should definitely consider swinging for the eleventh day of XXXmas!

When swinging you can either join a local or online swinging club and as usual, online dating communities can help tremendously in finding hot couples who are willing to swap partners with you.

For the best swinging experience, make sure both couples are having sex in the same room, preferably on the same bed. There is nothing hotter than watching your girlfriend kiss the woman you’re having sex with while her man pounds your girl, don’t you agree?