Showering and a bit of phone sex

Today I was a bit paranoid. I got this idea that someone was following me. I think I was influenced by some articles I read about stalking. But I really can’t think of someone who would be stalking me…well… except those whom I had sex with. I don’t have any decent reasons for being paranoid; it’s just a hunch, a feeling that someone is following me. Because I was feeling anxious, I thought it would be a good idea to release the tension by masturbating.

When I got home I went straight for the shower. I stripped of my clothes, leaving them on the floor. I was thinking about bringing a dildo with me, but I couldn’t find one. I’m a messy person and when I masturbate I tend to leave my toys at the crime scene… so I didn’t bother searching the entire apartment. The shower and my fingers would have to do for now.

I like teasing myself. I start by pouring water on my nipples… first worm water to make them soft… then cold water to harden them… and I repeat it until I’m wheat down there… without any showering. When my nipples start to hurt, I take the shower down there to clean myself. I change the temperature of the water again… just as a tease… and I increase and decrease the intensity. First I push it to the maximum, because I like a strong start, and as I feel I’m about to come, I lower the pressure to make it last longer. Then I take my body gel and start rubbing my whole body. It feels good. After that I wash it all of, except down there, and I introduce 2 fingers in my pussy, rubbing my clit with my thumb. I do that until I come.

After I took the shower I felt relaxed. I had the urge for a pizza, so I ordered one. Ten minutes later, I got a call to confirm the address. The man at the end of the line asked me if I’m a Miss or a Madame, so I though about playing with him… just a bit.

‘I’m whatever you want me to be’ I said.

He didn’t know what to answer, so I told him he had a sexy voice. He hung up. Five minutes later, he called me again.

‘I’m on my break now, if you want to talk to me.’

‘Hm… that depends. Do you have a big cock?’

‘I have a big and strong one, just for you.’

‘Well, I might put it in my mouth then. Would you like me to?’

‘Oh, I can’t believe this is happening…’

‘Then don’t. Put your hand on your cock. Rub it for me and tell me how it feels.’

‘Hm, I want to fuck you so bad.’

‘Well, I’m not wearing anything, so I’m ready for a fuck. My nipples are hard and my pussy is all wheat. Fuck me hard!’

I heard the sound of a satisfied men and I hung. I wasn’t sure if he came or not, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to tease someone. I hope he’s not going to be the one delivering the pizza… I might feel temped to actually fuck him…

Voyeurism in the night

Today I had to stay extra hours at work to finish that stupid report. I don’t think I can put up with his expectations anymore. I finished the assignment around 9, so I was happy to go home and just sleep! But, things don’t always happen as planned.

I put the report on his desk and headed towards the elevator. It was not working. I should have remembered that the company officially closes at 8, so all the elevators and the exit doors were blocked. Lucky for me, the surveillance room was on my floor, so instead of waiting for someone to notice me jumping up and down in front of the camera, I went straight to that place. I found no one there, just an empty room, so I crashed on a chair waiting for something to happen. And it did. As I was looking at the cameras, I saw a couple of people on a lower floor becoming more and more… intimate. They were hiding behind a desk, thinking that the camera would not reach that far, but they forgot about the mirror hanging in the corner.

The man was laying on the floor facing it, with his pants dropped at his knees, and his shirt covering his face. The woman was giving him an erotic massage. I thought it would be interesting to sit back and enjoy the film, so I zoomed in with the camera, hopping to catch every single detail. I could see the moonlight reflecting on the woman’s naked back as she was rubbing against the man is a sensual way. Her breasts seemed soft and fragile as she pushed them up and down his back. I looked around me and I didn’t saw or heard anyone coming, so I put my hand in my pants, playing with my clit. The man turned with his face up, pulled the shirt of it, and grabbed the woman’s breasts as if he was an animal. The woman couldn’t have manage to escape him even is she wanted to – though it was clear that she was enjoying herself. Then, their sudden and rhythmic moves gave away a deep penetration. She slapped him, but that made him grab her neck and fucking her even harder.

‘I can see you are enjoying yourself’. The night watcher came back to the surveillance room, and I didn’t hear him. I guess I was too caught in the moment. ‘Don’t stop because of me. Please. Make an old man happy and carry on…’. He sat on the chair next to me, putting his glasses on. His hands were shaking from excitement. I thought to myself ‘Why not…’, and I continued watching my movie. Now, the couples forgot everything about the cameras, and the woman was leaning on the desk while he was taking her from behind. He reached for his tie and put it around her neck, keeping her under a leash and controlling her breath.

‘I’m too old for this thing, but I can help you if you want’. The old man sitting with me offered to give me a hand… so I didn’t refuse him. ‘Come behind me and feel my breasts from under the shirt’. He got up and did what I told him to. The extra pair of hand came really… handy… as his soft shaking fingers were making my nipples become harder and harder. So I came, in that chair. The characters of my movie were not done yet, but I had my share of the action.

‘Do you often get similar action around here?’ I asked the old man. ‘Well, not like today. But you’d be surprised of what good quality movies I’ve seen while working here’. I thanked him for the help, and asked him if he could turn the elevators on for a few minutes. He did, and he told me to ‘come again’… and see him.

Today was again a good day for science…

Erotic Story I will be wearing a white hat part 3

Erotic Stories – I will be wearing a white hat part 3

Once there she gave the wide eyed Phil a treat. She stripped off her loose dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. There she stood in nothing but a pair of high waisted white panties. Jackie had never felt so self confident. She approached Phil again and whispered in his ear as he grabbed her. “Have you got any cream for me milkman? I’d like full cream.” She could hardly believe the words coming out of her mouth, she sounded like a bad porno script.
Phil said nothing, he just stood up masterfully, towering above her and started to take off his clothes. Jackie watched with wonder as he exposed his broad, hairy chest and slightly paunchy stomach. Jackie hated the stomach muscles that looked like a washboard; she couldn’t stand anyone taking longer in front of the mirror than she did in the morning. Phil was just right, nicely spread out and strong the way she liked her men.
He took down his trousers and revealed that he had nothing on underneath. His cock stood out proudly like a flagpole, defiant against the breeze. Jackie grabbed it instantly and squeezed its thickness. She wanked it slowly back and forth until Phil picked her up in his strong arms, and with one hand wrenched her panties over her ass and slammed her against the cubicle wall. She squealed as he pushed his hard cock into her. He didn’t have much trouble because she was so wet. Phil pumped her pussy slowly at first and then quickened his pace. She closed her eyes and let him take control of the entire situation; she didn’t move a muscle.
She was beginning to think that Phil would soon tire but she was wrong. The more she thought about him putting her down, the stronger he held her and faster he fucked her. She completely lost control and dug her shoes into his tight muscular backside. Phil was spurred on by this and drove his cock even deeper inside her. They both shouted out loud and then stopped, suddenly aware of their volume.
Jackie’s clit was massive and hard and it pressed beautifully against the very bottom of Phil’s hard shaft. After they’d stopped, she started the action again by grinding herself against it like she had a bad itch. She came like this in a collapse of limbs. Phil caught her and supported her entire wait as she twitched her pussy, wringing out the last of her procreative juice.
Phil allowed her a little time to recover before bending her over the toilet quite roughly. He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards his twitching cock. He buried his tool into her pussy again. Jackie felt so completely out of control and she absolutely loved it. She felt like a doll being fucked in all her holes, in every sexual position possible. She reached around, underneath herself and between Phil’s legs. She cradled his balls and stroked at them. She felt his cock twitch inside her when she did this. It felt as though for a brief moment she was taking some kind of control over the situation, although she knew full well that Phil the milkman was certainly the powerful one; and by the feel of his twitching cock he was about to deliver his fresh cream.
Her intuition was correct and very soon Phil was groaning and holding himself back. “Let it go all over my back milkman,” said Jackie as she looked around to watch Phil dump his creamy load all over her. She felt his cock come sliding out and heard it pop and slap against her thighs. She saw the surprise in his eyes as he heard her say those words and before she knew it he clenched his cock and groaned as it tried to pump out. When he released it a huge blob of cum flew out the end, over Jackie’s shoulder and onto her face. She rubbed it off her cheek and watched the rest spill out into the small of her back. She felt the warm cum run down her backside and drip onto her thighs.
They dressed in relative quiet, suddenly aware of their nakedness, and all Jackie could think about was the next time they could meet up and go out. She contemplated inviting Phil around to her place that evening for a repeat performance as they walked out of the toilet together, looking rather flushed, back into the coffee shop. When they walked past the bar Phil stopped to order some coffee and turned to ask Jackie if she wanted some. When she met his gaze, out of the corner of her eye she saw a man of about fifty sitting alone at the back of the shop wearing a white Fedora hat with a black band. Her heart nearly stopped.
“Are you alright love?” Asked Phil, reaching out his hand, putting his milkman’s hat on the table nearby.
“Yes, I think so,” replied Jackie, nervously eyeing his hat. “So Phil, have you enjoyed your blind date?”
“My what?” he replied incredulously.

Irina Palm – Mother, grandmother & great wanker

One of the most interesting film on BBC 4 recently was Irina Palm, a fantastic comedy drama directed by Sam Garbarski, staring  Marianne Faithfull. The film was released in 2007 with critics panning it, perhaps because it destroys what some people considers middle England’s respectability with the lead character, Maggie, a respectable middle aged, middle class granny from a rural village commuting to the red light districts of  Soho to work in the sex industry.

To be fair to Maggie, the sex industry was not her first choice, she try securing regular employment without success, she even went to the job centre where she was told by the job centre official that her age and  lack of skills makes the possibility of finding a job for her impossible.
The innocent Maggie saw a job advert for hostess outside a sex shop, she promptly apply for the job, thinking it was a job waiting on clients and clearing tables.
In not time Maggie got a job that promises to pay up to £900 a week giving hand relief to punters. Maggie was trained but one of the old hands, one of the remarks of the Maggie’s trainer was quite funny “The first time is embarrassing but, after that, you wank for England,” though Maggie did not go on to wank for England but she became the best wanker in Soho and managed to secure the money needed to help her grand son.