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If this is your first time of visiting Very Naughty Blog, a warm welcome to you. Naughty Blog is arguable the most juicy part of our website and its definitely the part we update most often, with various naughty stuff ranging from the latest adult dating profile to cheeky contents we want to share with you.

If you are completely new to Very Naughty, well, the intro video above will tell you a bit about our site, the services we offer and why we are The Naughty Dating Site.

What Sort Of Naughty Are You?

Over the years, there has been exponential growth in Naughty Dating, making it impossible to fit all the naughty guys and girls into one size, so we have divided Very Naughty Dating into they kind of stuff you like. There is a quick navigation link below which can help you just straight to the area of naughtiness you fancy!

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On Very Naughty Dates, all sexy ladies go free

It has been a great time during this Easter with all the recreation, spending quality time with family and having fun for a longer weekend. In fact, why should the fun end up when the Easter goes by?

Beautiful Spring has come bringing with it vibrant colours of the nature and higher temperatures, and we all know what comes with this temperature’s rising and all the other changes: a higher level of passion and sexual desire. It has never been such a perfect time like now to enjoy all the gorgeous women registered to Very Naughty Dates.

While taking advantage of the FREE Full Membership, more hot women registered to Very Naughty in search for a naughty date, which led to a higher online presence for ladies.

Now it is the perfect time to login, search through the new sexy members registered and dare to make your first move and get in touch with a hot woman. Could be a girl you have spotted a long time ago or one that just landed under your eyes, don’t matter as long as you will take the charge and deep yourself into a naughty discussion that could lead to a saucy date.

Login and enjoy, because it’s getting hot in here…

Very Naughty Dating – New Features – Playing by the rules

Very Naughty Dating
We all like a bit of excitement in our lives, but sometimes getting it means playing by the rules. Here at Very Naughty Dates there’s nothing more important to us than offering our Members a good time online.

We’ve listened to what you want (NO, not that!) and we’re committed to making Very Naughty Dates a place you want to spend time and know what you’re getting.

Profile Checking
Like surprises? Don’t we all, but sometimes we get a nasty shock too. We want to make sure that only likeminded people get to have fun on Very Naughty Dates, so we’re going to be checking every new profile uploaded to make sure it meets the grade. If it doesn’t – you won’t be seeing it!
It’s not a one time thing either, every time a profile is changed or edited – we’ll be watching.

First Message Approval
We all like attention, but we’re keen to make sure it’s the right sort of attention you’re getting. So we’re introducing First Message Approval on Very Naughty Dates. All new Members will have their first message approved by us. This will help us weed out 99% of non-genuine Members who are up to no good.

We all use words to help us get what we want – and things are no different here on Very Naughty Dates. But some people use them to deliberately mislead or misrepresent themselves to others. That’s not the sort of activity we want going on within our site. Our new system allows us to monitor profiles, messages and diaries for suspicious or inappropriate activity and put a stop to it!

UK Based Customer Care
If you’ve got any further questions about these new features or anything else regarding your membership on Very Naughty Dates, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Care Team.  If you are not already a member of Very Naughty Dating, you can find our registration page here.