Get some hot action on Valentine’s Day

Whether you admit it or not, there is not a single person that does not want to receive some increased attention on Valentine’s Day, whether from his beloved one or even from a naughty woman he just met. On Very Naughty Dates there are numerous hot women that would definitely want to get in touch with you, so why waiting? There are just 3 days left until Valentine’s Day is here so there’s plenty of time available to raise the excitements levels with just some clicks…

Start sending some naughty winks! Winks are probably the best ice-breakers and this is the perfect time of the year when you should start using them. Over 42% of registered members are looking for a naughty no-strings-attached hot night on Valentine’s Day and about 17% are actively looking for a hot lady on Very Naughty Dates, so why waiting for more? Sending a wink could be just the beginning!

81% of us really like receiving a follow up message so what are you waiting for? Don’t allow this fantastic opportunity pass near you and do not waste your time, start sending some naughty Valentine’s Day messages and “get your groove on!”.

These are the best ways to get attention from the hottest women you have probably spotted on Very Naughty Dates however goodies do not stop here. Start reading the tips and advices Very Naughty has revealed this week and boost your chances of getting some naughty action on Valentine’s Day. Also, do not forget to keep an eye on your inbox, the best is about to come soon, so stay in touch!

Very Naughty Dates – Flirt, Date, Swing or Chat

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To keep you hot and horny through July, August AND September, we’re offering you a special membership discount when you upgrade for 3 months. Make your way to the upgrade page on Very Naughty Dates within the next 7 days, select the 3 months package, enter the code ORGASM click Apply and enjoy a third off! Be quick – This code expires at midnight on 11/07/10.

With our discounted price for Very Naughty Dates Membership, this leaves you with more money to spend at the summer sales, which tend to hit stores in July. Don’t forget about the online sales too, for example Travelodge and Premier Inn, so you and your playmate can make the most of some naughty fun together behind closed doors!

Now that the days are getting warmer and the nights are getting hotter, July is the perfect time for you and your Very Naughty Dates girl to get a bit adventurous and start enjoying some outdoor naughtiness, if you haven’t been doing so already of course! Our advice? Be discreet and don’t go breaking any laws.

Position Of The Month – Folder Deckchair

folder deckchair position

Forget buckets & spades this summer, think deckchairs! Your Very Naughty Dates playmate should lay on her back and pivot her hips so that her legs are on your shoulders, as you enter from a kneeling position while supporting some of her weight on your legs. A favourite of many men because of the sense of power that comes from ‘folding’ their partner, although this position definitely doesn’t leave the girl out – when you lean on her legs, it improves the angle of penetration to better target the g-spot.

National Orgasm Day- Saturday 31st July

31st July the orgasm day

Bad news guys – Recent reports claim that 75% of women fake orgasms, mainly due to lack of clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Let’s change these statistics and make sure that by the time National Orgasm Day comes, all of our sexy females on Very Naughty Dates will be coming too! (And not just the once).

What A Sexy Summer On Very Naughty Dates!

very naughty dates

To ensure you and your Very Naughty Dates playmate both have an enjoyable June, we’ve included some hot tips to get you as much naughty action as possible for this summer.

Football V Female

We know you must be looking forward to the football kicking off in South Africa this month, but don’t let the football ruin your sex life! Make sure you burn off all those beers at the gym to stay fit for your Very Naughty Dates playmate and, more importantly, don’t spend all your time glued to the telly… Unless you’re logged into Very Naughty Dates at the same time, checking out our hot new females!

Giddy up

As well as bluer skies and warmer weather, the month of June also brings plenty of horse racing, for example The 40th Macmillan Charity Day (York) on 11th & 12th, and Royal Ascot (Ascot, Berkshire) on 15th-19th. Why not arrange a day at the races with your Very Naughty Dates playmate, enjoy the Pimm’s, show off your betting skills, then carry on the fun at a hotel nearby…?

Filthy Festival Fun

Like the thought of some open-air action? There’s a whole variety of festivals this June; Download takes places on 11th-13th June in Derby, at the same time as the Isle of Wight Festival, then Somerset hosts Glastonbury Festival later in the month on 23rd-27th June. Find your Very Naughty Dates playmate, book some tickets, grab a tent and let the alfresco action begin!

Position of the month – The June G-Spot Jiggy

This is based on the well-loved ‘Doggy Style’ position, but with a bit more attention on her G-spot. Have her on all fours as you kneel behind her, penetrating her from behind, and grabbing her bum for balance. Instead of the usual ‘in and out’ thrusting, try moving your hips in slow, deep circular motion, really stroking her G-spot. This simple position is sexually fulfilling for both of you AND it can be performed in a variety of summer spots, for example a festival tent!

Summer solstice – Monday 21st June

This marks the longest day of the year and the first day of summer, so what better time to really turn up the heat and start planning some fun in the sun with your Very Naughty Dates playmate?

Wimbledon Babes – Monday 21st June Onwards

You don’t need to be a tennis fan to enjoy watching those scantily-clad female tennis players jumping, sweating and groaning their way around the court. Or, you and your Very Naughty Dates playmate could always bring some strawberries and cream to the bedroom to really spice up the Wimbledon season.

Whatever you end up doing this month, we hope you have a very enjoyable June, filled with lots of hot action!

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