10 specific movements guaranteed to give her Orgasm

10 specific movements guaranteed to give her Orgasm

Eat her pussy till she cries, spread her legs wide open like a stretched scissors.Make her thighs shake and tremble until she screams your name in her loudest voice. Make her cum while staring into her eyes as you rob her clits in a circular motion.

This is not one of the boring epistles written by thousands of sex therapist who does not even know how to locate that sweet whole! This is a practical step-by-step guide on how to make her smile in the middle of a stressful day, when those crazy moments of how you handled her strucks her mind or the way she giggles and gives you funny gestures when you’re both out in the public.

Truth be told, a man does not need a six pack, muscles, big dick to be a guru in bed. All that is needed is strategic move. The following are 10 tested or praticalised movements that guarantee  her Organsm.

Find out what turns her on: Do you eat a yam without processing it ? of course not, you’d have to peel the back, wash, spice, and cook for some minutes to have a maximum enjoyment of the food. Such applies to women.  Do not go straight to the mini bar.

Find out what turns her on. This is the most critical aspect to concentrate on if you really want to be on top of your game. Study her body system! A recent survey shows that every woman has a turning point that brings her in motion. It could be her breast, ass, naughty talks, her toes or fingers. This is always a very huge assignment but once this is discovered, you won a lifetime pass to the “punani

There’s nothing as bad as a boring sex! She might never tell you the sex was boring. Most girls do not say that.

Take time to warm her up : Help her to relax, to ensure that a woman is enjoying herself in bed is to make her feel comfortable. It is a fact that women usually respond to high levels of stress with a decrease sex drive. Therefore, help her overcome initial anxiety and reduce stress. Do not let her experience the pressure that you’re about to grind her.

Take her clothes off bit by bit : why some women like rush sex, if you want to give her orgasm, you do not need to rush the entire process. Make it more dramatic like the ones you see in the movies. Take her clothes off bit by bit, spend time to focus on every aspect of her body. Kiss her shoulder, abdomen and compliment her belly. Remove her bra dramatically, cup her breasts, massage and play with her nipples,suck them like a baby is sucking her mother’s breast.

Take her pants off  yourself : most women may never tell you. Women likes their pants removed  by thier partner during sex.

“It brings in some sort of unexplainable sensation to the atmosphere when  a man off my pants, I feel sexually aroused, it makes me wet ” says a woman in Nigeria who pleads to be anonymous during an interview.

Don’t move your hands too fast to the main pie. Sometimes, sex don’t bring organsm, the foreplay before the sex does. Hence, make the foreplay more engaging to you both.

Rob her clits in a circular motion : here is where your hands are working. Reach down for her clit. Do not insert any of your fingers into her vagina yet. Just massage her clits gently. You can slap the viginal a bit with your palm : This brings some sexual awareness to the virgina. Play with the clits like a baby girl play with the teddy bear she adores so much.

Eat the plate : While some men do not like to eat a pussy, such men that fall into these categories will think otherwise when they see a clean pussy. Spread her two legs wide open, both facing the east and west differently. Suck out the pussy in a way you lick an ice-cream. If you really do it well, you will definitely see instant results by the way she screams and cries in her loudest voice.

Rub your dick back and forth against her clit : when you’re done eating her plate, let your dick do the rest of the job. Rub your dick back and forth against her clit. Tip your dick  into her vigina but do not enter. Just use your dick to play around the paradise. If she’s really filling you, she will definitely want to push your dick forcefully into her but do not succumb to such temptation. The idea is to let her have a strong urge to have you inside her.

Fisting: Finger her badly in vibration, let your hands explore all the contours of her virgina.

Slowly enter her : if you’re doing this well, you fill all the wetness around her vigina. Slowly enter inside her and dig deep into her. Do not rush while you dig. Begin slowly, just like you’re  driving a car,  do not rush into speed. Though research has shown that  45% love the fast movement. Be sure to maintain the balance before you rush into speed.

Hit the G-spot : Don’t be a selfish guy.  Hit her G-spot badly. When you hit the G-spot margically, she gives a scream that you would want to hear again. Hit the spot heavily and see how she clings on you with all her strength.

Straff her in strategic positions : This might likely be the most tasking aspect of the entire game. There are different strategies for different women “different strokes for different folks”

To some women, they prefer you play with their clits while you dig deep. While others prefer you sulk thier breast while you deep dip.

The way she moans at every style you experiment tells the one she enjoys most.

Grab her everywhere : Grab her hair, spank her waist, hold her waist while you’re on the doggy style, press her two legs on her stomach.

With all this, trust me, your woman will not only get Orgasm,  she will be dickmatised. She will always get wet whenever she thinks about you and how you make her feel.

90% of ladies love it when you mishandle them in bed. Some event have a humiliation fetish. That is why most women love a bad guy that is better in bed than a gentleman who is whack in bed.

12 ways to know if he/she is sexually healthy

12 ways to know if he/she is sexually healthy

12 ways to know who is sexually healthy

12 ways to know who is sexually healthy

It is one thing to be sexually active, and it is also another thing to be sexually healthy. Oftentimes being sexually active might not mean that such a person is sexually healthy.

When someone is sexually active it means that person can respond positively to a variety of sexual activity which includes oral sex, ( blow jobs, anal sex, ) manual sex, or being fingered.

On the other hand, when someone is sexually healthy, it means such a person is in a state of physical, mental and social well-being, concerning sexuality. To be in this state, It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of force, and violence.

How can I know if he/she is sexually healthy?

To know if your partner is sexually healthy involves a variety of factors which includes but not limited to the following.

1. Interacts with anyone( both genders ) in reasonable and respective ways

One of the ways to know if a person is sexually healthy or not is the way they interact with anyone. A sexually healthy person interacts with you or anyone for that matter reasonably and respectably. Such a person extensively communicates his/her sexual limits, what turns them on and off. They communicate most respectfully and maturely when they are not in the mood. This is always opposite with someone who is not sexually healthy.

2. A sexually healthy person respects boundaries and limits

A sexually healthy person adheres strictly to what his/her partner does and doesn’t. Such a person does not have to force things to happen. They respect limits and boundaries.

3. A sexually healthy person makes intention known

One of the distinctive characteristics of a sexually healthy person is that they communicate their real intention or purpose of being in a relationship. Such a person does not manipulate emotions or sugar-quote words to take advantage of their partner. A sexually healthy communicates whether his/her purpose for the relationship is for sex with no strings attached or just to catch strips.

4. A sexually healthy person has no hidden agenda whatsoever

Can adequately express themselves or what they feel without caressing, kissing, holding, etc

Those who fall into this category have an inbuilt ability to adequately express themselves with having to hold, kiss or caress.

They have the power and ability to control their bodies and emotions.

5. Appreciates their bodies

A sexually healthy person is aware of how special they are, they appreciate themselves, and their bodies. Hence, a sexually healthy person does not body shame their partners. They value, respect and appreciate other people’s bodies.

6. Knows when sex is required or not

One of the characteristics of a sexually active person is the ability to know when they need touch rather than sex. They understand their body needs and can tell if what they need is a touch cuddle or sex.

7. Feel joy in sexual experiences of their choosing

A sexually active person feels and enjoys the sexual experience of their choosing. Such a person is conscious of his/her sexual decision and feels the maximum experience of their sexual choices.
Demonstrates tolerance for people with different values

When you see a sexually healthy person, you’ll recognize such a person by the way they treat people both male and female. A sexually healthy person demonstrates great tolerance for people with different values and ideology. Shows respect to others whose cultural values, ethnic heritage, age, socioeconomic status, religion, and gender are different from theirs.

A sexually healthy person understands that everyone has a different perspective, views, orientations about life.

8. A sexually healthy person is conscious of unplanned contingencies.

A sexually active person is conscious of their body changes, use contraception effectively and use condoms for safer sex to avoid contracting or spreading a sexually transmitted disease.

9. Honor the sacred aspect of sexual union

A sexually active person understands and honors the sacred aspect of sexual union. They understand the spiritual sacredness of sexual and accords maximum respect.

10. Can manage friendships that do not have a sexual agenda

Most sexually responsible people know how to efficiently manage friendships that have no sexual strings. They can create healthy friendship relationships that are void of sex. A sexually healthy person knows how to set friendship boundaries and can manage situations that demand painstaking care and maturity.

11. Good listener

A sexually healthy person is a good listener. he/she knows when to talk, what to say without negatively affecting the feelings and emotions of one another.

A sexually healthy person chooses responsible, safe and trustworthy partners and both parties define the essence of the relationship from inception.

A sexually healthy person accepts faults or mistakes and takes responsibility for actions.

Introducing Better Sex to Your Partner

Introducing Better Sex to Your Partner

You may be wildly in love with your partner or spouse but there may be something lacking in your relationship.  You communicate well, you work together perfectly, you get along great and you make love but there is just something missing.  This failing element may be in the bedroom.  The good part is that there is a way to spice things up a bit and it will help to create a stronger union in the partnership. 

Kama Sutra is not just about some crazy sex positions.  There are many ways to interpret this doctrine and there is a lot more information than just 64 positions.  These different poses can actually bring couples closer together on all levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is easy for partners to say that they are in love and trust one another, but how can you actually physically demonstrate this love and trust?

You can demonstrate your love by the act of making love but creating a different ambiance in the bedroom will show your partner that you are open to new pleasurable experiences. Trust builds in your relationship with these positions because they are entirely new and you have to rely on your partner much more than in the average missionary position.  The best way to develop these more intense emotions of love, trust and even security is by testing out the waters.

There are many positions to choose from and of these there are variations.  Mix those in with foreplay and this lifetime may not be enough to experiment with every combination, but there is no harm in trying!  Here are some of my favorites that are great for beginners in Kama Sutra:

  • The Deep One: This position is fantastic since you are able to feel the closeness of your partner and look him/her in the eye.  The man fully penetrates the woman as she lies on her back and with her feet on his shoulders.
  • The Arc: This position is similar to the Deep One since you are still physically close to your partner.  The woman continues to lay on her back and lifts her hips up by placing her hands by her ears, the elbows facing up, and pressing up.  The man slithers through to penetrate while supporting her lower back and bottom.
  • The Trapeze: If you are looking for something a little more aerobatic, the Trapeze is quite fun as it will let the woman let loose of all her stress and anxiety.  With penetration in full effect, the man gently lowers the woman off of the edge of the bed all the way by taking her wrists as he sits with his feet on the floor.
  • The Mill Vanes: This position is a little trickier and it involves trust as you are as far as you can be from your partner during intercourse.  This can be a bit frightening but it can actually help to relieve jealousy in the relationship.  For this act, the woman lies down on her back.  The man lies down on top of her but feet are towards her head.  As he separates his legs to have one on each side of her head, she lifts her legs up and wraps them around his back.  The woman can grab on to her partner as he supports himself with his forearms.

You should never do anything that makes either of you feel uncomfortable.  As long as you are open to the experience, there are many positions that you can perform which lead up to more advanced and exposed positions.  Start off slow and work your way to new positions.  You will see that as you bring in the physical element more that your relationship begins to blossom more and that as this relationship becomes stronger, the more willing you are to test out new Kama Sutra positions.

10 Things You Should Never Do Before Having Sex

Loving affectionate nude heterosexual couple in bed engaging in sexual games, hugging and kissing. Mid adult Caucasian men in late 30s and young black African-American woman in 20s

Nothing is more glorious and satisfying than a great sexual encounter! This should not be surprising to couples because sex is meant to be as enjoyable as possible. Just think about it for a minute. The ability to have sex is one of the most pleasurable acts that is gifted to mankind. There is nothing hotter than two partners having a night of steamy passion. Now, having said that; it is also necessary to know that there are some things that can kill the mood and significantly cut back on the pleasure that you could be having. Look at the following bad ideas to indulge in before diving into a truly satisfactory sexual event.

  1. Avoid over eating: When you eat too much, you will begin to feel sleepy and sluggish. This is especially true if you have a large amount of carbohydrates such as in rice or potatoes. If you are pretty sure that you will be engaging in sex but you are feeling a bit peckish, try snacking on some fruit or nuts washed down with water. This will give you a healthy energy boost.
  2. Stay away from energy drinks: It might seem to be a good idea to gulp down an energy drink just before having sex because it will keep you energetic and increase your stamina. The problem is that all energy drinks are loaded with sugar. While this might give you high energy for a little while, that vanishing sugar buzz will having you crashing hard with less energy than ever.
  3. Don’t argue with each other: It is common for partners to argue particularly if they have been together for several years. The novelty of available sex wears off and things get heated at times. However, don’t argue right before you are about to have sex. That will just make for an uncomfortable coupling. Even if you both put the disagreement aside, it will still be at the back of your minds and will take away the motivation to please each other.
  4. De-stress: When you have too much stress in your life, sexual encounters can suffer. Stress can cause such things as performance anxiety or even erectile dysfunction in men and cause women to be unable to get in the mood. If it has been a hard day, take a few minutes to meditate or incorporate a foot or back massage into foreplay. It will also help if you eat more fruits and vegetables daily.
  5. Choose toothpaste or mouthwash over peppermint for fresh breath: Obviously, no one wants bad breath to be a part of having sex. It may seem easy to pop a peppermint into your mouth, but go for brushing your teeth instead. Peppermint has menthol in it and can reduce testosterone levels which can cause libido to decrease.
  6. Visualize a good body image: Society has put so much pressure on people to look perfect that not being a 10 can bring on distress and anxiety. That is why it is important to refuse to allow negative body image thoughts to sneak into your mind. Instead of thinking “I wish I had a better body,” focus on the flattering parts of your body and keep those positive thoughts flowing.
  7. Don’t rush that first encounter: When having sex with someone new for the first time, don’t rush things. Take your time and learn about each other. Experiment with various things and see what works. Keep your expectations realistic and just enjoy the time together.
  8. Don’t touch yourself right before sex: This is something that is probably obvious to most people, but there are those who masturbate an hour or so before they have sex. They think that it will prolong the experience before reaching orgasm. This might do the trick for many men, but it can also render them unable to get an erection until they have rested for a while. That can put a damper on things.
  9. Sex should never be a chore: When couples begin to lose their motivation and creativity regarding sex, the passion and love that was formerly experienced between them can simply die. Sex should never be a mechanical chore that only happens once in a while or it can lead to decreased pleasure. Instead, have some fun by trying out new positions, various locations, and do some roleplaying to enact fantasies.
  10. Avoid nicotine and alcohol: Oddly, once upon a time, cigarettes and alcohol were advertised as being a symbol of sex appeal and manliness. These days, though, it is known that both of these things have been identified as libido busters. Smoking constricts the blood flow in your body which can cause erectile issues. Alcohol causes some of the same problems even though it will loosen you up and make you want sex. However, it can also cause erectile problems.

There may be more things that you do not want to do if you are planning to have sex, but these are at the top of the list. Follow these rules and you will have a wonderfully satisfying experience.

The British Sex Survey Infographic & One Night Stand Facts




One night stand is a fantastic opportunity to have a quickie if you are the type who will not let the opportunity for some rumpy pumpy pass you bye. More people than care to admit actually indulge in One Night Stands. Here is some stats we collected about One Night Stands in UK, see how you measure compared with average Brit and see the potential opportunity that may await you if you are currently missing out on One Night Stands opportunities.

  • Average age of lost virginity is 15.6 year old for males and 16 years old for females.
  • Number of times people have sex each year, by age group
    • 18-29 year olds -112 times
    • 30-39 – 86 times
    • 40-49 – 69 times
  • Total number of sex partners since entering the college:
    • 5% do not have a partner
    • 39% only 1 partner
    • 15% – 2 partners
    • 10% – 3 partners
    • 7% – 4 partners
    • 5% – 5 partners
  • On average, how many times a week do you have sex:
    • 6% have 7 times per week
    • 4% have 6 times per week
    • 7% have 5 times per week
    • 9% have 4 times per week
    • 14% have 3 times per week
    • 17% have 2 times per week
    • 31% have once a week
  • How many one night stands have you had since starting university?:
    • 29% had 1 one night stand
    • 37% had 2-5
    • 13% had 6
    • 6% had 11-20
    • 3% had 20-50
    • 1% had more than 50
  • How often do you mix alcohol and sex:
    • 59% sometimes
    • 24% rarely
    • 5% every casual encounter
    • 4% don’t know
  • Links related to sex are 90% more likely to be shared than the average link
  • 1 out of 10 every people have given their phone number to someone they’ve flirted with even if they have a partner
  • Have you ever had unprotected sex:
    • 66% yes
    • 32% no
    • 75% prefer to say no
  • Number of STI diagnoses in the UK
    • HPV – 2,890
    • Public lice – 2,500
    • Chlamydia – 203,773
    • Genital herpes – 28,807
    • Gonorrhea – 17,385
    • HIV – 5,000
    • Syphilis – 3,309