10 Things You Should Never Do Before Having Sex

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Nothing is more glorious and satisfying than a great sexual encounter! This should not be surprising to couples because sex is meant to be as enjoyable as possible. Just think about it for a minute. The ability to have sex is one of the most pleasurable acts that is gifted to mankind. There is nothing hotter than two partners having a night of steamy passion. Now, having said that; it is also necessary to know that there are some things that can kill the mood and significantly cut back on the pleasure that you could be having. Look at the following bad ideas to indulge in before diving into a truly satisfactory sexual event.

  1. Avoid over eating: When you eat too much, you will begin to feel sleepy and sluggish. This is especially true if you have a large amount of carbohydrates such as in rice or potatoes. If you are pretty sure that you will be engaging in sex but you are feeling a bit peckish, try snacking on some fruit or nuts washed down with water. This will give you a healthy energy boost.
  2. Stay away from energy drinks: It might seem to be a good idea to gulp down an energy drink just before having sex because it will keep you energetic and increase your stamina. The problem is that all energy drinks are loaded with sugar. While this might give you high energy for a little while, that vanishing sugar buzz will having you crashing hard with less energy than ever.
  3. Don’t argue with each other: It is common for partners to argue particularly if they have been together for several years. The novelty of available sex wears off and things get heated at times. However, don’t argue right before you are about to have sex. That will just make for an uncomfortable coupling. Even if you both put the disagreement aside, it will still be at the back of your minds and will take away the motivation to please each other.
  4. De-stress: When you have too much stress in your life, sexual encounters can suffer. Stress can cause such things as performance anxiety or even erectile dysfunction in men and cause women to be unable to get in the mood. If it has been a hard day, take a few minutes to meditate or incorporate a foot or back massage into foreplay. It will also help if you eat more fruits and vegetables daily.
  5. Choose toothpaste or mouthwash over peppermint for fresh breath: Obviously, no one wants bad breath to be a part of having sex. It may seem easy to pop a peppermint into your mouth, but go for brushing your teeth instead. Peppermint has menthol in it and can reduce testosterone levels which can cause libido to decrease.
  6. Visualize a good body image: Society has put so much pressure on people to look perfect that not being a 10 can bring on distress and anxiety. That is why it is important to refuse to allow negative body image thoughts to sneak into your mind. Instead of thinking “I wish I had a better body,” focus on the flattering parts of your body and keep those positive thoughts flowing.
  7. Don’t rush that first encounter: When having sex with someone new for the first time, don’t rush things. Take your time and learn about each other. Experiment with various things and see what works. Keep your expectations realistic and just enjoy the time together.
  8. Don’t touch yourself right before sex: This is something that is probably obvious to most people, but there are those who masturbate an hour or so before they have sex. They think that it will prolong the experience before reaching orgasm. This might do the trick for many men, but it can also render them unable to get an erection until they have rested for a while. That can put a damper on things.
  9. Sex should never be a chore: When couples begin to lose their motivation and creativity regarding sex, the passion and love that was formerly experienced between them can simply die. Sex should never be a mechanical chore that only happens once in a while or it can lead to decreased pleasure. Instead, have some fun by trying out new positions, various locations, and do some roleplaying to enact fantasies.
  10. Avoid nicotine and alcohol: Oddly, once upon a time, cigarettes and alcohol were advertised as being a symbol of sex appeal and manliness. These days, though, it is known that both of these things have been identified as libido busters. Smoking constricts the blood flow in your body which can cause erectile issues. Alcohol causes some of the same problems even though it will loosen you up and make you want sex. However, it can also cause erectile problems.

There may be more things that you do not want to do if you are planning to have sex, but these are at the top of the list. Follow these rules and you will have a wonderfully satisfying experience.

The British Sex Survey Infographic & One Night Stand Facts




One night stand is a fantastic opportunity to have a quickie if you are the type who will not let the opportunity for some rumpy pumpy pass you bye. More people than care to admit actually indulge in One Night Stands. Here is some stats we collected about One Night Stands in UK, see how you measure compared with average Brit and see the potential opportunity that may await you if you are currently missing out on One Night Stands opportunities.

  • Average age of lost virginity is 15.6 year old for males and 16 years old for females.
  • Number of times people have sex each year, by age group
    • 18-29 year olds -112 times
    • 30-39 – 86 times
    • 40-49 – 69 times
  • Total number of sex partners since entering the college:
    • 5% do not have a partner
    • 39% only 1 partner
    • 15% – 2 partners
    • 10% – 3 partners
    • 7% – 4 partners
    • 5% – 5 partners
  • On average, how many times a week do you have sex:
    • 6% have 7 times per week
    • 4% have 6 times per week
    • 7% have 5 times per week
    • 9% have 4 times per week
    • 14% have 3 times per week
    • 17% have 2 times per week
    • 31% have once a week
  • How many one night stands have you had since starting university?:
    • 29% had 1 one night stand
    • 37% had 2-5
    • 13% had 6
    • 6% had 11-20
    • 3% had 20-50
    • 1% had more than 50
  • How often do you mix alcohol and sex:
    • 59% sometimes
    • 24% rarely
    • 5% every casual encounter
    • 4% don’t know
  • Links related to sex are 90% more likely to be shared than the average link
  • 1 out of 10 every people have given their phone number to someone they’ve flirted with even if they have a partner
  • Have you ever had unprotected sex:
    • 66% yes
    • 32% no
    • 75% prefer to say no
  • Number of STI diagnoses in the UK
    • HPV – 2,890
    • Public lice – 2,500
    • Chlamydia – 203,773
    • Genital herpes – 28,807
    • Gonorrhea – 17,385
    • HIV – 5,000
    • Syphilis – 3,309

Why Be Good on Valentine’s Day When You Can Be Naughty

Why Be Good on Valentine’s Day When You Can Be Naughty

Why Be Good on Valentine’s Day When You Can Be Naughty

One of the most romantic days of the year is Valentine’s Day. Couples all over the world look for creative and sexy ways to spice things up on this day. While some couples lean toward the romantic side of things, other couples like exploring ways that they can be really naughty on this day. For those naughtier couples, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a truly wicked way.

  • Go Commando: This one is usually hotter when the woman does it but men can be pretty sexy when they go along for the ride. If a couple goes out to dinner, the woman should wear a flattering dress or skirt that makes her look gorgeous. While the couple is sitting at dinner, she casually lets her man know that she’s not wearing any panties. If they’re seated in a private area with tablecloths, she can slip his hand underneath her skirt so that he can see for himself the truth of what she has said. If he has also chosen to go sans underwear, she can do a little playing of her own while they wait for their food to arrive.
  • Hour Motels: There are plenty of motels that allow guests to rent by the hour. Couples that want to feel truly naughty on Valentine’s Day can visit one of these establishments to get down and dirty for an hour. Just make sure the motel isn’t in a dangerous part of town.
  • Food for Thought: Stay home or get a fancy hotel room and order room service. Food items to order would include such things as cherries, strawberries and bananas. Dipping sauces of some sort should also be on the menu. Chocolate and caramel sauce is quite popular. If you stay at home, prepare these ahead of time. Then it’s time to strip down and play with your food. Use your imagination and get creative while you feed each other as well as dine off of each other’s bodies.
  • Go Parking: If you’ve got a Lover’s Lane that you used to visit back in your glory days, it might be fun to go there again; only this time you’ll be in a nice vehicle. Something like this can make you feel like teenagers again as well as pretty naughty since you’re having sex in a car.
  • Stripping: This is something that can be done by either partner. Set up a sexy scene. Put on some real “bump and grind” music, and seduce your partner with an up close and personal strip tease that will rival any exotic dancer on any stage.

There are plenty of other things that couples can do to have a naughty Valentine’s Day, but these can get you started. All it takes is an open mind and a good imagination as well as the willingness to give into your   mischievous side.

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Couples

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Couples

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Couples

Stockings are always a lot of fun at Christmas for both the giver and the receiver. Couples can have a great time creating seductive stockings for each other by choosing sexy stocking stuffers that can be put to good use after all of the unwrapping is completed. Of course, these special spicy stocking stuffers are for those couples that are either already intimately involved or are ready to become so.

To begin with, women tend to love vibrators of all kinds so that’s always a great little gift for a stocking. Think of the infamous “pocket rocket.” These are aptly named as they can be tucked away into a pocket or a purse to be retrieved at the necessary time. They’re battery powered so you don’t need to worry about being near an electrical outlet in order to use it.

In the same vein as vibrators, there is the “Butterfly.” This nifty little device is made to be attached to a woman’s clitoral area to give her instant delight at will. The catch to this one is that it isn’t exactly at her will that she will receive the desired delight.  These wonderful little gadgets are remote controlled by someone else who can very easily give you the time of your life no matter where you may be. There should probably be some rules set ahead of time on this little gift or someone might just get to power hungry.

For men, there are various toys and other products to tickle their fancy. If your guy is into the anal scene, there are anal devices called “butt plugs” that you can purchase for him. These are supposed to provide a feeling of fullness back there that keeps up his excitement until he is with you again. Of course, then he has you to keep up his level of excitement.

Tasty edible lubrication can come in all sorts of flavors and are for both men and women. So whether you want to slather up your partner and turn him into a candy cane with peppermint or he wants to make your little bud of pleasure taste like a pineapple; it can be done. You can even get a chocolate flavored lubrication.

Massage oil is also a perfect sexy stocking stuffer. There’s really nothing that can get the blood boiling faster than a kinky full body massage and the right massage oil will only make it that much hotter. These are sold in separate bottles or in gift sets with various scents. They are ideal for both men and women’s stockings.

Don’t forget about the edible underwear that is on the market today. You can get various flavors for both men and women. These are all kinds of fun to play with, too. Just think of what double the excitement would mean if you are both wearing a pair and doing your best to eat them off of each other, preferably at the same time.

As you begin your shopping for naughty stocking stuffers, you’re most likely to find even more things that will tease, titillate and please. Also, don’t forget that these stockings can be done on a budget of any size. So whether you’ve got a lot of money to spend or only a little bit, you can bet that your partner will be thrilled with this very unique and sexy Christmas gift.

Healthy Ways to Have Sex

18_weekly-sex-qa_flashIs there really such a thing as having healthy sex and if so, what is it?  We already know that you are encouraged to have protected sex, which is more like being safe during sexual activities.  But, what able couples who like to have sex but want to get more health benefits from it.  Are there certain positions to do it in, pill supplements or sex toys that may encourage healthier sex relations? This can be a trick question if you like to have sex with multiple partners or you are sexually active just for the sake of having sex.