Experimenting with orgies


‘Care for an orgy?’ How many men dream about hearing these words from a sexy stranger or even from their wife? Many women as well have fantasies about taking part in orgies but compared to men, they are less likely to fulfill their wish. Orgies are the perfect thing for you to set yourself free and experience intense pleasure, so don’t hold back when the opportunity comes! You should try it at least once in your life no matter what age you are and what is your status.

Orgies are different from threesomes and group sex. In such an activity, people are sleeping with each other or at least gaining in some sort of sexual intimacy with the majority of the participants. In other words, if you are invited to an orgy as a man, you should consider being intimate with other males as well. If you are only looking to have sex while others watch you and you are watching them, then it’s called having group sex. You should be open about new experiments and give it a try even if you have reservations about having sex with someone of the same sex.

The perfect time to experience with orgies is as a single man or woman. You don’t have any responsibilities but for yourself and you can gain experience that will help you in your future relationships. You know the saying that college is the time for experimenting everything, so if you are young, don’t think twice about it. But even if you graduated a long time ago – and your grandchildren are visiting you during summer – it’s never too late to participate in an orgy. As a married person, you can share it with your partner – and it will not exactly be cheating. This is a spice that will improve your relationship and you will get to know each other’s preferences.

Of course, you should always play it safe, especially if you are intimate with strangers. You don’t want to risk contracting diseases that will leave you with a bitter taste. Orgies are a lot of fun but nevertheless, they require a certain degree of maturity and responsibility from its participants. And speaking of participants, the only excuse for having orgies with friends or colleagues from work is that you were all drunk. You should always choose people you know you will never meet again; just to detach yourself emotionally from the sex. A good orgy should end in pleasure and memories, not in hurt feelings and other bad consequences.

Have an orgy at least once in your life and you’ll have something spicy to brag about to your grandchildren! Play it safe but let your fantasies loose: this is the perfect moment to make your wet dreams come true!

Wet threesome on a rainy day

Today I finished work as usual and I got ready to go home. It was cloudy and I didn’t bring my umbrella, so I though about taking a cab. By the time I exited the building, it was already raining, so I rushed into the first taxi that was parked near the side walk. I told the taxi driver my address, but he shook his head in disapproval. ‘Sorry Miss, it’s pouring outside and I can’t see a thing!’. Indeed, it was raining much more thick, so I asked him if I could stay in there for a few minutes, until the rain slowed down. ‘Of course you can. I’ll take you to your destination as soon as it’s clear for me to go.’ So I took a comfortable position, thinking that it’s going to take a while… and for certain I wasn’t expecting any visits…

After a couple of boring minutes, the back door from my left opened and someone jumped into the cab. ‘I’m sorry, I thought it was free’ said the voice of a woman. She took of the coat that was covering her head and I could see her long wet hair covering the sides of her face. ‘It’s OK, the cab isn’t going anywhere for now’. We introduced each other, as she took her coat of. She was wearing white canvas pants that she couldn’t manage to save from the rain. I could fully see her legs through them, and it was a nice view to enjoy. We started talking about mundane things when the left door opened again.

A man jumped into the cab, wet as my previous visitor. Again, he apologized for thinking that the cab was free, and he introduced himself to us. I could see that he also noticed the nice legs that the other woman was not making an effort to cover. After talking for a bit, I could sense the sexual tension between the two. The intensity of the rain began to slow down, so the cab driver asked us where he can take us first. ‘Do you want to come by my place for a coup of hot coffee?’ I asked the two. The woman hesitated for a bit, but she was persuaded by the man. So the taxi took us to my apartment. I guess I had something in mind…

When we got inside, I suggested the woman, let’s call her Jess, that she should change her pants, and I went with her to the bedroom, leaving the man to dry himself in the bathroom. I gave her a clean robe and she had nothing against taking her clothes of in front of me. He skin was wet and cold and her nipples were hard and wrinkled. She got the robe on and we went into the living room, where our man was waiting impatient. ‘I’ll go make some coffee’ and I left the two sitting on the sofa.

I went into the kitchen to make coffee, thinking I could charm at least one of them to stay with me until late in the night, and Jess was the one I had in mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about her wet white skin so I barely managed to make a decent coffee. When I got back to the two, I went for a surprise. It seems that Jess was no longer wearing my robe… she was wearing the man, or better yet, the man was wearing her. The robe was laying on the floor while she was sitting in his lap having his cock inside her. She turned her head towards me, putting an innocent face ‘Sorry for this. You can watch us, or you can join in.’ I guess I wanted both things. I put down the coffee and sat on a chair, looking at them. The man had his pants dropped to his ankles and his hands were busy warning her nipples. The way in which Jess moved really turned me on… to the point that I couldn’t watch anymore. So I joined in. I walked to them, stripping of my clothes, and I sat next to them. The man came, so Jess stopped riding him and she got in my laps, kissing my ears and neck. The man got up in front of us, pulling me until I felt under Jess… and then he went down on me. That felt incredible. Then I started pleasuring Jess with my mouth, until she came. The guy got on his knees, putting his cock inside me and fucking me hard. Jess stretched on her back until she was able to kiss him. That image and his hard cock made me come. When it was over, I suggested them to sleep at my place for the night, but Jess had a family to go to, so I was left with the man. I can’t complain. Today was a good day for science…

Chinese wife-swappers on trial – Swingers club busted

The Chinese authorities are known for their strictness against many things ranging from censoring search engines, one child policy and many others. They are also adept at digging out obscured laws or making one up when it suits them as the organisers of a Swingers club in China found out recently. Ma Xiaohai the founder of a swingers club said he and other swingers in his club are not aware that a law which the authority has cited for prosecuting members of his club existed in the first place.

 Xiaohai, a 53 year old maths lecturer was said to have started a wife-swappers chat room on the Internet, the membership of the group steadily increased till they had about 200 members. Ma Xiaohai was said to have started the swingers club when he was depressed because his second marriage broke down. The chatroom initially started as a forum where most participants just discuss their marital problems, it later went on to include physical meting and the progressed to full wife swapping,  some of the events took place at Xiaohai house.

The authorities have put 14 men and 8 women on trial for an offence called “group licentiousness”. A relationship expert at Chinese Academy of social scientist described the law as outdated.

I guess Very Naughty Dating and other sites like our will not be in a hurry to open a Chinese version of our site giving what happend to this poor swingers in Nanjing.