Showering and a bit of phone sex

Today I was a bit paranoid. I got this idea that someone was following me. I think I was influenced by some articles I read about stalking. But I really can’t think of someone who would be stalking me…well… except those whom I had sex with. I don’t have any decent reasons for being paranoid; it’s just a hunch, a feeling that someone is following me. Because I was feeling anxious, I thought it would be a good idea to release the tension by masturbating.

When I got home I went straight for the shower. I stripped of my clothes, leaving them on the floor. I was thinking about bringing a dildo with me, but I couldn’t find one. I’m a messy person and when I masturbate I tend to leave my toys at the crime scene… so I didn’t bother searching the entire apartment. The shower and my fingers would have to do for now.

I like teasing myself. I start by pouring water on my nipples… first worm water to make them soft… then cold water to harden them… and I repeat it until I’m wheat down there… without any showering. When my nipples start to hurt, I take the shower down there to clean myself. I change the temperature of the water again… just as a tease… and I increase and decrease the intensity. First I push it to the maximum, because I like a strong start, and as I feel I’m about to come, I lower the pressure to make it last longer. Then I take my body gel and start rubbing my whole body. It feels good. After that I wash it all of, except down there, and I introduce 2 fingers in my pussy, rubbing my clit with my thumb. I do that until I come.

After I took the shower I felt relaxed. I had the urge for a pizza, so I ordered one. Ten minutes later, I got a call to confirm the address. The man at the end of the line asked me if I’m a Miss or a Madame, so I though about playing with him… just a bit.

‘I’m whatever you want me to be’ I said.

He didn’t know what to answer, so I told him he had a sexy voice. He hung up. Five minutes later, he called me again.

‘I’m on my break now, if you want to talk to me.’

‘Hm… that depends. Do you have a big cock?’

‘I have a big and strong one, just for you.’

‘Well, I might put it in my mouth then. Would you like me to?’

‘Oh, I can’t believe this is happening…’

‘Then don’t. Put your hand on your cock. Rub it for me and tell me how it feels.’

‘Hm, I want to fuck you so bad.’

‘Well, I’m not wearing anything, so I’m ready for a fuck. My nipples are hard and my pussy is all wheat. Fuck me hard!’

I heard the sound of a satisfied men and I hung. I wasn’t sure if he came or not, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to tease someone. I hope he’s not going to be the one delivering the pizza… I might feel temped to actually fuck him…

How to reach better orgasms part 2

4.      It is not all about genitals

Human body has a wide variety of nerve endings. Trying to simulate other body parts can change the orgasm’s intensity. Experiment with different parts, notice where you fell better being touched or licked, change the intensity and go over again with other sweet spots. Orgasm may come from places you would not expect, just pay attention to whole body, not only genitals.

5.      Get your blood pumping

Find some activities that get you both thrilled. Go for a bungee jump or get parachuted, do something together that will release the special chemicals in your body for a tremendous sex act when you reach your bedroom.

6.      Be naughty even before you are together

If your partner is to reach home late after some busy day at the office, trying to get a little into an early foreplay will sure rush the things, therefore expect when he reaches home to skip dinner and jump to bed with you. Sending a kinky e-mail or text message makes blood pumping into partner’s heart and knowing what is expecting him home will start the party earlier.

7.      Push your sweet spots and discover yourself

Masturbation is not something abnormal, masturbation is a must for knowing better your body. What comes next is an easier lesson to teach your lover.

8.      Experiment sex toys

Buying a vibrator for example could become a tricky thing for a shy person, however, the Internet is crawling with online sex shops, just put an order and have it shipped at your door. Sex toys are great when alone, experimenting with yourself and seeing what suits you or not.

Getting to know each other deeper and allowing your partner to know what you love in bed or you dislike will soon make your orgasms shivering and long lasting, while with time going by you are both aware of your sweet spots that take you up in the sky.

Sexual Positions & Orgasm the Kama Sutra take

The Kama Sutra as mentioned before advocates a series of postures best suited to the body structure and size of the sex organs of the partners involved. Here’s looking at some of them.

a) Samarati or Equally Matched

When both the partners are of the same body structure, they can stretch their bodies and indulge in any kind of position for maximum sexual gratification without any problems or inconvenience.

b) Badava Asan or Cow Posture

This posture is recommended for females who are of normal body structure. However, if such a female has to facilitate the penetration of a male with a huge penis, she has to spread her thighs to the maximum to make this possible. When it comes to accommodating a male with a small sized penis, she has to contract her body to match that of her partner. In either case, it is the lubrication and wetness that is of utmost importance and that is achieved only through proper foreplay.

c) Bhugnak position

In this, the female while lying flat, raises her thighs while keeping her legs folded at the knees, which she rests on the torso of her partner, who penetrates her in a half sitting posture.

d) Jrimbhitak

Here, the female after raising her legs rests them against the shoulders of her partner. The male while adopting a sitting position such that his knees come up to his partner’s shoulders enters her. This position causes a contraction of the sex organ of the female, making it easier for males with a small sized penis to enter.

e) Utpiritaka

This is a position that can be performed only if both partners are physically fit and should not be attempted by people with heart problems. Here, the female rests her folded legs on her partner’s chest, while he puts his legs on her shoulders and then enters her. It causes a significant quickening of heart beats and must be attempted only by fit couples.

Orgasm related facts

Having set the stage for hectic sexual activity, couples must know how to express the joy of having reached an orgasm. Remember, the sole objective of indulging in sex is to provide enjoyment and satisfaction to your partner and the activity itself needs to culminate in an orgasm, signifying the achievement of the objective.

This can be expressed by partners by hitting each other on the sides of the body or by biting each other. Females normally indicate that they are in the throes of an orgasm by scratching, biting or hitting their partner with their fists and palms.

At this point, partners may produce various moans and sounds including verbiage like, ‘it is killing me, stop it, leave me etc’ and these messages are actually meant to convey the opposite meaning. When things do settle down, there is silence as the partners experience deep bliss and a sense of satisfaction.

Many couples resort to change of roles after a torrid session and this time, it is the female who mounts the male and plays the dominant role. Kama Sutra recommends that the female must straight away take the initiative and actually behave like a male when adopting this posture for maximum sexual enjoyment to both the partners.