Lesbian Sex at the Office

This morning I woke up in no mood for going to work. But I couldn’t just call in sick, not in this period of the year. I washed myself, put some decent clothes on, and went to work. I was emotionally prepared for another boring day at the office… but something nice happened there today.

I got to my office – small corner, little privacy – and I got on with the work. I was constantly watching the clock, counting the hours until my lunch break. ‘Hi! I’m Susan’, I heard a gentle voice coming from behind me. I turned around and I saw a 30-ish blond woman looking at me. ‘Hello’ I said. She said she was new here and that she was giving the company a tour. I introduced myself and started a small conversation about her background. She was smiling all the time, so I though it would be nice to do the same thing.

‘You have a little…’ and I felt her fingers going through my hair, near my neck. ‘There, I got it. No worries’. I thanked her for removing something from my hair… I wasn’t sure what. ‘It was nice talking to you. Maybe you’d like to join me for lunch. I’ll be in the last office on the left’. That was a small, dark office, where all the new employees were first put. ‘OK. I’ll see you at noon’. She went away, but I could still taste her perfume minutes after that. Susan was slightly tall, long-legged with barely noticeable breasts. She was clearly not my type, but somehow, looking at the clock gained another meaning: waiting for some time alone with her. Of course, I knew that something sexual is out of the question, at least not at work.

I continued working until noon. Time was passing really hard, so I checked my e-mail to make it go faster. I got another kinky message from one of the members of a dating site I recently joined. I really enjoyed this one. ‘Dear Gemma, I’m 40, dark in complexion, tall and skinny. I want to fuck you! My cock is getting hard just by writing this e-mail. Let’s meet. I will fuck you senseless, I promise you!’ Entertaining… what can I say? He didn’t waste time with romantic nonsense. I might consider meeting with him once, or twice – if he is worth it…

At last, it was noon. I grabbed my lunch and headed straight for Susan’s office. I knocked on the door, and someone else opened it for me. It was another woman… one of my older colleagues. It seems I wasn’t the only one invited there. Disappointing. ‘OK. I guess it’s lunch time now. I will leave you in your break, and we’ll talk about the project later. Ta-ta!’ The other woman left the room, and Susan walked her to the door. “Did I interrupt a meeting?’ I asked. Susan assured me that I didn’t, and she said that she was glad I came there. ‘Do you want to eat first?’ ‘First?’ I asked. ‘Yes, first…’, and she closed the door with the key. Then, she came close to be and gave me an innocent kiss on the neck. ‘I really like your neck’ she said. I knew where this was going… and I wanted it. I kissed her on the lips, and she answered back. Her hands went under my shirt, caressing my back as her lips lowered on my neck. Her lips were soft and generous. Then, her hands slowly made their way on my chest. ‘I don’t want to rumple this for you. Take it of’. So I did. ‘It’s not fair. You should take of your pants’ I said. She agreed. I helped her unbutton them and I put my hand inside her panties as she lowered them down. She pushed me on her desk, and got on top of me. My hand was still in that right place. She took of her blouse and I could feel her nipples touching my breasts. I made her come. She shook for a bit, while kissing me, then she got down in front of me, pulled my skirt up, and made me come as I was laying on that desk.

‘Now we can eat our lunch’. We got dressed and ate our lunch. Today was a good day for science…

Sex toys and a helpful neighbor

Today I went to see my friend… well, we’re not quite friends but he’s the closest I got to one. He works in a Sex Shop near to my place, and he’s originally from Slovenia, so we get along very well. I know what you are thinking, but I haven’t fucked him… he’s not into women. I enjoy having small talks with him, and the fact that he always lets me try the new toys before buying them. So I picked up a few and went home. I was exhausted from work, just like in the Beatles’ song, except I don’t have anyone to come home to (not that I’m complaining).

As I got inside the building, I rushed to catch the elevator… there were a few people in there, but I couldn’t wait to try the toys. I didn’t even notice that the handsome neighbor was in there with his family. He was staring at me. I felt awkward, but I liked it. Don’t know why. When the elevator reached their floor, his wife had to call his name to make him get of… it was like he was in a trance. Perhaps he had a flash back with our past encounter.

I got into my apartment, closed the door, stripped of my clothes and rushed towards the bedroom.  I got the bag with the harmonies and I closed my eyes and I draw a first object out of the bag. It was an inflatable dildo. I was wet, but not wet enough, so I tied a scarf around my eyes (I love that) and I started touching myself. My nipples were getting hard, until they started to hurt, and I lowered my hand between my thighs. It was worm there. I pulled them tight together, and I started to move my fingers in a circular way. It felt really god. I imagined my mysterious neighbor touching me there and I almost came… but I stopped. Sometimes I like to tease myself. I put the dildo inside and started to inflate it. I never had one like this before. I could feel it moving inside me, like a penis that is getting harder and harder. Then I began moving it… and I came with just a few gentle moves. It was intense. I didn’t plan to finish this quick… I still had other toys in the bag. So I thought of smoking a cigarette and trying another one. I cleaned myself with a towel, grabbed my sleeping robe, and went on the balcony. It was cold, and my nipples started to hurt. I guess I was still aroused. As I lighted my cigarette, I heard the door bell ring. It was around 8 and I wasn’t expecting any visitors. I opened the door and I saw my handsome tall neighbor: he was helping his wife with a petition concerning… something. I think he was surprised seeing me and he looked down… or perhaps he saw my hard nipples through the robe. I invited him in with the excuse that it was cold in the hall, but I was thinking of only one thing: fucking him. I closed the door and I noticed that he saw the clothes that were lying on the floor. I smiled and I said ‘These are supposed to go here’, and I opened the robe. He got a hard one, so I approached him without doing anything… just waiting to see what happens. I was really horny. He then threw away the papers and pushed me into the wall, biting my nipples. It hurt, but I liked it. He unzipped his pants without undressing and started fucking me right there. He was the silent type. Not a sound came from his mouth. He came long after I did. Then he zipped his pants and got out the door, forgetting about his papers. I felt satisfied. I got to fuck him!

I went on the balcony for another cigarette, but again, I was interrupted. It was him, coming for the papers. I gave them to him and told him ‘Good night!’. He didn’t say a word, just rushed out of the apartment. Poor thing! I scared him away…

I went back to my bedroom to continue with my toys. It was a great day. I only hope that tomorrow I’ll be able to be fresh at work…

Female Orgasm guaranteed methods to make her cum

Good sex often forms the basis for a successful relationship between a man and a woman. In addition to love and respect for each other, it is the sexual chemistry that will equally determine the well being of a relationship. It is important to have a fulfilling sex life and any shortcoming in this will immediately reflect poorly and negatively in a relationship.
Just as a man wants the ultimate in sexual satisfaction, the woman also craves for the same. It is only that she may not be so vocal about it. Men by virtue of their basic nature of being flirts and always on the look out for an easy lay often get their desires fulfilled by having sexual relationships outside of marriage and by cheating on their partners. The same is not so common as far as the woman is concerned. She is more likely to keep her frustration within her and will think a number of times before taking that step and attempting to enjoy sexual gratification by cheating on her partner.
You can make your partner crave for your touch and provide her with total sexual satisfaction. She can experience multiple orgasms and will always want you near her to keep providing her with such enjoyment. You might even find it difficult to fulfil her ever increasing need for sex as she would want the joys that you gave her to persist through frequent sexual contact.
By following the 4 tips given below, you will be able to make your partner clamour for more and more sex and she will not even think of looking out.
a) Talk dirty to her
It is a fact that dirty sexual talk can help greatly in arousing passions and you can do this very effectively with her by taking the lead. Tell her how you would like to make love to her, praise the size of her boobs and ass and very soon you will have her panting for sex. You must also give her the opportunity to vent her feelings and you will be surprised at your own reaction when she starts talking dirty. Your cock will immediately want to enter her and that is going to lead to very healthy and satisfying sex for both of you.
b) Use foreplay
While talking to her, use your lips and tongue to lick her ears and neck. These are very sensitive and highly erogenous spots in a woman’s body and are sure to get her heated up sufficiently.
c) Pay attention to her breasts
This is another area where most women experience the most pleasure. Make sure you caress and lick her nipples. You will notice that the nipples become hard and erect and that signifies she is ready for sex and is very excited.

d) Stimulate her clitoris
You can do this by moving one of your hands to her pelvic region and moving them over her cunt. You can also slowly introduce one of your fingers to stimulate her clit and can be rest assured that she will soon have a mind blowing orgasm.
It is unfortunate that most men do not indulge in enough foreplay and want to have their own sexual need satisfied. Stimulating your partner in the manner mentioned above will guarantee a satisfying sex life for you and your partner.