Bitter and sweet threesome


I believe having a threesome at least once in a life time is on everyone’s list. The idea of sleeping with two people at the same time is a fantasy that is both bitter and sweet. On one hand, there is a great satisfaction from getting sexual pleasure from two people, and on the other hand, it can get messy and complicated, leaving you with frustration and regret. But they say you shouldn’t regret the thing you did, only those that you didn’t do, therefore a threesome is something that should be experienced at least once.

When you have a threesome you are sharing yourself with two people and also sharing someone with a third person. Something like this can’t be part of a traditional sex; therefore it’s already considered kinkiness. Hence, the three people that are participating in this intimacy are going to experience more freedom, fearing no judgment and letting loose their fantasies. In other words, what other then a threesome is the perfect occasion to try everything you dreamt about? When three people have sex there is also a competition taking place: who is the best sex partner, who can better satisfy a common target and who will last longer (when it comes to men) and will finish first (when it comes to women). It can pressure you into doing certain things that you wouldn’t normally do, but it’s a constructive competition.

In a threesome, the best place to be is in the middle of the action. Anyone dreams about being satisfied by two people at the same time so there is a great satisfaction when the other two partners are focusing on your pleasures. Nevertheless, you can also be giving pleasure to one person or both of them. Every man dreams about having two sexy women orally pleasuring him and, at the same time, any man wants to brag about satisfying two women at once. But this goes for women as well, and it doesn’t matter what the sex of the other two partners is – only heterosexual men have reservations about pleasuring another men. But when a threesome happens, there is always a solution that can please everyone: creating a circle of pleasure where everyone gets satisfied equally.

Experimenting with threesomes is popular even among people who are in a long relationship, and there is no reason why this shouldn’t happen. It allows you to spice up your sex life without cheating behind your partner and you can also learn new moves and better understand yourself and your partner’s preferences. Nevertheless, it can get complicated if one of the partners gets emotionally involved with the ‘outsider’. This is why you should always choose the third person carefully, preferably someone who you will never see again. And if you are not prepared to see your partner having sex with someone else, then don’t do it. It takes three mature people to have such fun and the experience can only be constructive.

Go out there and try some threesome! You only have one life and you won’t quite enjoy it as a wish on your death bed. Don’t regret not having one!

Showering and a bit of phone sex

Today I was a bit paranoid. I got this idea that someone was following me. I think I was influenced by some articles I read about stalking. But I really can’t think of someone who would be stalking me…well… except those whom I had sex with. I don’t have any decent reasons for being paranoid; it’s just a hunch, a feeling that someone is following me. Because I was feeling anxious, I thought it would be a good idea to release the tension by masturbating.

When I got home I went straight for the shower. I stripped of my clothes, leaving them on the floor. I was thinking about bringing a dildo with me, but I couldn’t find one. I’m a messy person and when I masturbate I tend to leave my toys at the crime scene… so I didn’t bother searching the entire apartment. The shower and my fingers would have to do for now.

I like teasing myself. I start by pouring water on my nipples… first worm water to make them soft… then cold water to harden them… and I repeat it until I’m wheat down there… without any showering. When my nipples start to hurt, I take the shower down there to clean myself. I change the temperature of the water again… just as a tease… and I increase and decrease the intensity. First I push it to the maximum, because I like a strong start, and as I feel I’m about to come, I lower the pressure to make it last longer. Then I take my body gel and start rubbing my whole body. It feels good. After that I wash it all of, except down there, and I introduce 2 fingers in my pussy, rubbing my clit with my thumb. I do that until I come.

After I took the shower I felt relaxed. I had the urge for a pizza, so I ordered one. Ten minutes later, I got a call to confirm the address. The man at the end of the line asked me if I’m a Miss or a Madame, so I though about playing with him… just a bit.

‘I’m whatever you want me to be’ I said.

He didn’t know what to answer, so I told him he had a sexy voice. He hung up. Five minutes later, he called me again.

‘I’m on my break now, if you want to talk to me.’

‘Hm… that depends. Do you have a big cock?’

‘I have a big and strong one, just for you.’

‘Well, I might put it in my mouth then. Would you like me to?’

‘Oh, I can’t believe this is happening…’

‘Then don’t. Put your hand on your cock. Rub it for me and tell me how it feels.’

‘Hm, I want to fuck you so bad.’

‘Well, I’m not wearing anything, so I’m ready for a fuck. My nipples are hard and my pussy is all wheat. Fuck me hard!’

I heard the sound of a satisfied men and I hung. I wasn’t sure if he came or not, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to tease someone. I hope he’s not going to be the one delivering the pizza… I might feel temped to actually fuck him…

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Fetish – Getting sexual kick out of ordinary things part 1


To get a full picture of the fetish article, you need to start from the fetish dating page on the main website.

Sexual fetish can be classified as under:

a) Those with a desire for a partner with big body parts or sexual stimuli like oral sex or undergarments.
b) Those with a stronger craving for specific kinds of sex partners or stimuli, but are able to accomplish the sex act even in their absence.
c) Persons in this category cannot enjoy the sex act without the presence of specific stimuli and it is only due to their presence that they experience sexual arousal. They may not even hesitate to commit burglary to achieve their objective and stand the risk of getting convicted in the pursuit of such sexual pleasure.
d) These belong to an advanced level of sexual fetishism where the object or body part is considered more important than the partner and they can get sexually aroused by just looking and touching that object.
e) This is another deviant form of sexual fetishism wherein the person derives sexual gratification through acquiring a particular body part of his partner and may even go to the extent of killing people to mutilate the body and take the organ of choice.
Though sexual fetishism is not considered as objectionable as long as it is within the comfort levels of the people concerned, treatment to get out of it is recommended if the condition begins to threaten the social life or job. The treatment is in the form of cognitive therapy and psychoanalysis and they can be complemented through other types of traditional treatments as well.
The cognitive therapy seeks to change the mental make up of the person without trying to do too much analysis of the condition. A popular method is to create aversion for the object of fetish in the individual so that he begins to outlive his craze for that particular object and does not require it as a stimulus for sexual arousal.
Psychoanalysis delves into the subconscious of the individual to ascertain the trigger that has caused this condition and is practiced by lulling the patient into an unconscious state and permitting him to rationally identify the problem.
Medication in the form of production or restriction of certain hormones is another manner in which the person is cured of this disorder. Some psychiatric drugs are also used to create a difference in the way the person responds to sexual stimulation.
The internet is abounding with various kinds of sexual fetishes such as female bondage, sadomasochism, female domination, exhibitionism, foot fetish and many more.

Here is a brief look at some of them:

a) Female bondage