Real Essex Girl, 38, Dagenham, London Looking For Guys in East London

Essex Girl from East London

Essex Girl from East London

Real Essex Girl, 38, Dagenham, London Looking For Guys
You may have heard of Essex girls by reputation but have you actually ever had one in your bed? If you live in East London especially around Canning Town, Customs House, Barking and any where easily commutable from Dagenham, you may be lucky enough to bed this Essex girl. She is quite hot and up for exchanging saucy email and having webcam fun initially, once she gets to know you and like you, you can have more!
Barb’s Characteristics

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder
Height: 5’6″
Build: Medium
Non Smoker
Social Drinker
Playing Safe?: Always
Shaved Down below? :Smooth
Favourite Position: Cowgirl

What turns Barbs on?
I love having sex outdoors, with the risk of getting caught just adding to the excitement. If you fancy a tumble then get in touch and let’s hook up for some hot, horny, passionate fun. I am looking for

Saucy email or chat, Casual encounters, Discreet relationships, Couples, Threesomes, Same-sex sessions, One night stands and Phone/Webcam fun.
Other Naughty stuff Barbs is into includes:

Night clubs, Strip clubs, Fetish clubs, Adult movies at home, Adult movies at cinema, Swinging parties, S&M clubs, Visiting “Special” shops, Dogging, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Rimming – receiving, Rimming – giving, Anal, Mutual Play, Role Playing, Voyeurism, Cross dressing, Public games, Fun with food, Orgies and Water sports.

Anal sex for him and her


Anal sex is something that people think about whether they enjoy it, think about trying or say they don’t want to have one. It’s safe to say that penetration in the anus can give you pleasure but still, it’s a matter of choice and taste. For those who enjoy it, it can bring much more pleasure then a traditional stimulation. Women and men, no matter if they are straight, homosexuals or bisexuals, consider anal sex a ‘must have’ in almost each sexual intercourse. If you are one of these people then you know what I’m talking about. 100

As a woman, no matter what your sexual preferences are, you can reach an orgasm by having anal sex. The pleasure comes from the stimulation of your G-spot and your clitoris: both of them have extensions that can be reached through anal penetration. Of course, a proper lubrication is needed to make the experience an enjoyable one. Some women can’t reach an orgasm through this type of sex but still accept it because their partner enjoys it. There is always the possibility of manual stimulation of the clitoris and/or the vagina as your partner works on your back, so both of you should have your cookies.

As a man, you have the wonderful choice of having anal sex. This type of intercourse is a taboo among men because it is usually linked to homosexuality, although straight men also reach an orgasm by having their partner penetrate their rectum. The pleasure is reached by stimulating the male G-spot – which is your prostate – through the rectum as it has nerve extensions there. In other words, you are not considered homosexual if you like anal sex. Moreover, you should be open minded about it and give it a try – you will be surprised in a good way! You can do that alone, when no one is there to possibly judge you, by using a dildo.


Giving and receiving anal oral sex


Pleasuring someone by anal oral sex is popularly known as rimming or rim-job, and it goes both ways: giving and receiving. This is not a common thing included in the foreplay or in any other time, but it can be more satisfying then your typical oral sex. You just need to find a partner that enjoys trying new things and once you did it, you’ll definitely want some next time as well. Rimming can be a great experience both as a giver and as a receiver, but there are a few issues regarding health risks. Nevertheless, you should try it at least once.

Some people love to give such oral pleasure and they get quite turned on by it. It’s kinky and exciting, especially if the person whom you are giving it to is enjoying herself or himself. You should never give a rim-job just because you expect one in return: if you do this you will only make your partner uncomfortable. This oral pleasuring in not that common and you should have no such expectations from the other person. Also, not everyone enjoys it, so don’t force your partner in accepting one or just marching in without testing the water first. You should do that by talking about it or, in a less direct manner, playing with the anus a bit and progressing towards the rim-job as you ask him or her how he or she is feeling.

The more selfish bunch of us prefers receiving a rim-job without returning the favor. Of course, no one expects you to give it back, especially if you didn’t see it coming – but still you enjoyed it. Make sure you clear that out before you begin the act just to avoid frustration and feeling rejected. If you like receiving anal oral pleasure, ask your partner to do it but don’t force him into anything he rejects. If the rimming takes you by surprise it might be a shock, especially if you are more conservative. Don’t fight or feel angry, just tell him or her it’s not your coup of tea. No one is humiliated when receiving such pleasure (actually, the one giving the pleasure is getting turned on by a slight humiliation) and you can almost think of it as an honor.

There are some few risks when it comes to rimming, but they can be prevented. You should know by now that the anus is not the cleanest part of your body. I’m not only talking about basic hygiene – which should be compulsory – but there are bacteria, viruses and parasites present around your anus and inside your rectum. These can sometimes lead to several sexual transmitted diseases and 3 types of hepatitis, but chances are small when you do it with a stable partner and naming the possible diseases will only make you reject rimming.

Giving and receiving a rim-job is fun and exciting. You can’t know if you like it or not if you don’t give it a try!

The pleasures of voyeurism


Watching other people having sex in a major turn on, otherwise the porn industry wouldn’t have developed the way it did. But voyeurism is more than just enjoying porn movies: you get turned on by spying on other people as they are engaged in any activity that is considered intimate. This is a fetish that has its shades of awkwardness and, as people are different, so are their tastes. Spying on people who have sex, undress, take a shower, use the toilet and even brush their teeth can be a major turn on that beats the real sexual intimacy with your partner.

When you spy on someone, you are also turned on by the fact that they don’t know you are there to watch. You can do this by hiding in public places, because hiding in someone’s closet is quite illegal and not worth the effort. You should still respect their intimacy, but this doesn’t not exactly go hand in hand with voyeurism. So the right way to go is to spy people that are in public. You can do that by taking photos in secret – and if you get caught you will appear to be a stalker – but you can’t get sued. Public showers and toilets are the ideal places where such kinkiness can be satisfied.

There are more dangerous practices that involve voyeurism. You can install hidden cameras in your places of interest and even hide in hotel rooms where you know couples tend to come for some sex break. Just make sure you don’t get caught. The experience is exciting and even addictive: you’ll never be sexually satisfied in the same way from traditional sex. I believe everyone is entitled to find happiness through sexual satisfaction and if voyeurism is your thing, go for it. You are not harming anyone, but if caught, you might be harmed in return.

If you enjoy spying and you want to play it as safe as possible, there are places where certain services are offered in exchange for money. You can pay and look at people doing whatever turns you on, but since you already know they are aware of your presence, the pleasure might not be that intense. If you are in a serious relationship, you should share this pleasure with your partner – you might have something in common. It’s not that odd for long time partners to involve a third person just so that one of them can watch their partner having sex with a stranger.

Play it safe or take a risk – you should get your share of the pleasure. If you haven’t tried it before and you love to watch porn movies, perhaps you would enjoy it. Try it with your partner – watching him or her undress or taking a shower – and see where it takes you. You can’t judge something if you haven’t tried it.

Bitter and sweet threesome


I believe having a threesome at least once in a life time is on everyone’s list. The idea of sleeping with two people at the same time is a fantasy that is both bitter and sweet. On one hand, there is a great satisfaction from getting sexual pleasure from two people, and on the other hand, it can get messy and complicated, leaving you with frustration and regret. But they say you shouldn’t regret the thing you did, only those that you didn’t do, therefore a threesome is something that should be experienced at least once.

When you have a threesome you are sharing yourself with two people and also sharing someone with a third person. Something like this can’t be part of a traditional sex; therefore it’s already considered kinkiness. Hence, the three people that are participating in this intimacy are going to experience more freedom, fearing no judgment and letting loose their fantasies. In other words, what other then a threesome is the perfect occasion to try everything you dreamt about? When three people have sex there is also a competition taking place: who is the best sex partner, who can better satisfy a common target and who will last longer (when it comes to men) and will finish first (when it comes to women). It can pressure you into doing certain things that you wouldn’t normally do, but it’s a constructive competition.

In a threesome, the best place to be is in the middle of the action. Anyone dreams about being satisfied by two people at the same time so there is a great satisfaction when the other two partners are focusing on your pleasures. Nevertheless, you can also be giving pleasure to one person or both of them. Every man dreams about having two sexy women orally pleasuring him and, at the same time, any man wants to brag about satisfying two women at once. But this goes for women as well, and it doesn’t matter what the sex of the other two partners is – only heterosexual men have reservations about pleasuring another men. But when a threesome happens, there is always a solution that can please everyone: creating a circle of pleasure where everyone gets satisfied equally.

Experimenting with threesomes is popular even among people who are in a long relationship, and there is no reason why this shouldn’t happen. It allows you to spice up your sex life without cheating behind your partner and you can also learn new moves and better understand yourself and your partner’s preferences. Nevertheless, it can get complicated if one of the partners gets emotionally involved with the ‘outsider’. This is why you should always choose the third person carefully, preferably someone who you will never see again. And if you are not prepared to see your partner having sex with someone else, then don’t do it. It takes three mature people to have such fun and the experience can only be constructive.

Go out there and try some threesome! You only have one life and you won’t quite enjoy it as a wish on your death bed. Don’t regret not having one!