Showering and a bit of phone sex

Today I was a bit paranoid. I got this idea that someone was following me. I think I was influenced by some articles I read about stalking. But I really can’t think of someone who would be stalking me…well… except those whom I had sex with. I don’t have any decent reasons for being paranoid; it’s just a hunch, a feeling that someone is following me. Because I was feeling anxious, I thought it would be a good idea to release the tension by masturbating.

When I got home I went straight for the shower. I stripped of my clothes, leaving them on the floor. I was thinking about bringing a dildo with me, but I couldn’t find one. I’m a messy person and when I masturbate I tend to leave my toys at the crime scene… so I didn’t bother searching the entire apartment. The shower and my fingers would have to do for now.

I like teasing myself. I start by pouring water on my nipples… first worm water to make them soft… then cold water to harden them… and I repeat it until I’m wheat down there… without any showering. When my nipples start to hurt, I take the shower down there to clean myself. I change the temperature of the water again… just as a tease… and I increase and decrease the intensity. First I push it to the maximum, because I like a strong start, and as I feel I’m about to come, I lower the pressure to make it last longer. Then I take my body gel and start rubbing my whole body. It feels good. After that I wash it all of, except down there, and I introduce 2 fingers in my pussy, rubbing my clit with my thumb. I do that until I come.

After I took the shower I felt relaxed. I had the urge for a pizza, so I ordered one. Ten minutes later, I got a call to confirm the address. The man at the end of the line asked me if I’m a Miss or a Madame, so I though about playing with him… just a bit.

‘I’m whatever you want me to be’ I said.

He didn’t know what to answer, so I told him he had a sexy voice. He hung up. Five minutes later, he called me again.

‘I’m on my break now, if you want to talk to me.’

‘Hm… that depends. Do you have a big cock?’

‘I have a big and strong one, just for you.’

‘Well, I might put it in my mouth then. Would you like me to?’

‘Oh, I can’t believe this is happening…’

‘Then don’t. Put your hand on your cock. Rub it for me and tell me how it feels.’

‘Hm, I want to fuck you so bad.’

‘Well, I’m not wearing anything, so I’m ready for a fuck. My nipples are hard and my pussy is all wheat. Fuck me hard!’

I heard the sound of a satisfied men and I hung. I wasn’t sure if he came or not, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to tease someone. I hope he’s not going to be the one delivering the pizza… I might feel temped to actually fuck him…

Getting laid through a dating site

Today I met with one of the members of a dating site I joined some time ago. It’s nice to find mature people that are interested only in one night stands… no strings attached. Of course, I’m picky about who I meet, and there was something special about this one. He’s been sending me messages for about 5 weeks now, and I could say I was impressed by his perseverance. He was not really my type… short, dark complexion and in his 50, but the way he wrote the messages was really hot.

We met at a small pub near my place. He suggested it so I guess he lives near by… and that he’s not a stalker. He couldn’t be. The site never gave away my identity before, so it was just a weird coincidence. He described himself perfectly, so it was easy for me to find him in there. He was a bit surprised when he saw me: ‘You look younger than 25… and too good to be true’. ‘I’m not showing you my ID, if that is what you’re aiming for’ I told him. He smiled. We started talking about each other, but not like in a typical date. We didn’t describe our likes and dislikes, but our sexual fantasies… and it all started with a sex joke. Of course, he told me that he was married, but he wasn’t wearing any ring… so he could have said that to make it clear that he wasn’t looking for a relationship. It was OK with me.

He said that he fantasizes about teenagers, and that I almost look like one. That was weird, but it managed to turn me on. He talked about how he would be the teacher and punish the girl for not paying attention in class. ‘I need to use the bathroom. Be right back’. I went to the toilet, to freshen up. Actually, I went in there to make him a surprise. I pulled my hair in two ponytails, and when I came back, he smiled and asked if I wanted to continue back at his place. So we went there.

Fortunately for me, his place was in the opposite side of the city, so I guess he chose the meeting location because of that. We went up into his apartment, and he gave me a drink. ‘Young lady, should you be drinking that?’ I think he started to play out his fantasy. ‘Sorry Sir, please don’t tell my parents.’

‘You’ve been a very bad girl! Turn around!’

I turned around and he lifted my skirt up. ‘You naughty little girl! Does you mommy know you are wearing thong?’ Then, he went to sit on the sofa, and told me to come there, pointing at his lap. I came near him and he put me on his lap with my ass pointing up. He grabbed the back of the thong and stretched it at its limit. Then he let it slap me, and repeated it for several times. If felt good. The front of my thong was all wet and he saw that. He pulled my head back from one of the ponytails and he put his finger in my pussy. ‘You like that, don’t you?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Now be a good girl and make me happy’

He lifted me up and opened his fly. His cock was quite small, but it was rock hard and thick. It wasn’t hard for me to put it all in my mouth. I sucked it until he came, which didn’t take him long. But his cock was still hard, so I laid on the sofa, waiting for him to fuck me from behind. He slapped my ass really hard and then put his cock inside. As wet as I was, it still hurt a bit when he did it. I guess I was too tight for it, but it felt amazing. I come before him, but he managed to make me come again before his number was over.

That was quite a good experience. I should accept Internet dates more often. It seams that today was another good day for science…

Voyeurism in the night

Today I had to stay extra hours at work to finish that stupid report. I don’t think I can put up with his expectations anymore. I finished the assignment around 9, so I was happy to go home and just sleep! But, things don’t always happen as planned.

I put the report on his desk and headed towards the elevator. It was not working. I should have remembered that the company officially closes at 8, so all the elevators and the exit doors were blocked. Lucky for me, the surveillance room was on my floor, so instead of waiting for someone to notice me jumping up and down in front of the camera, I went straight to that place. I found no one there, just an empty room, so I crashed on a chair waiting for something to happen. And it did. As I was looking at the cameras, I saw a couple of people on a lower floor becoming more and more… intimate. They were hiding behind a desk, thinking that the camera would not reach that far, but they forgot about the mirror hanging in the corner.

The man was laying on the floor facing it, with his pants dropped at his knees, and his shirt covering his face. The woman was giving him an erotic massage. I thought it would be interesting to sit back and enjoy the film, so I zoomed in with the camera, hopping to catch every single detail. I could see the moonlight reflecting on the woman’s naked back as she was rubbing against the man is a sensual way. Her breasts seemed soft and fragile as she pushed them up and down his back. I looked around me and I didn’t saw or heard anyone coming, so I put my hand in my pants, playing with my clit. The man turned with his face up, pulled the shirt of it, and grabbed the woman’s breasts as if he was an animal. The woman couldn’t have manage to escape him even is she wanted to – though it was clear that she was enjoying herself. Then, their sudden and rhythmic moves gave away a deep penetration. She slapped him, but that made him grab her neck and fucking her even harder.

‘I can see you are enjoying yourself’. The night watcher came back to the surveillance room, and I didn’t hear him. I guess I was too caught in the moment. ‘Don’t stop because of me. Please. Make an old man happy and carry on…’. He sat on the chair next to me, putting his glasses on. His hands were shaking from excitement. I thought to myself ‘Why not…’, and I continued watching my movie. Now, the couples forgot everything about the cameras, and the woman was leaning on the desk while he was taking her from behind. He reached for his tie and put it around her neck, keeping her under a leash and controlling her breath.

‘I’m too old for this thing, but I can help you if you want’. The old man sitting with me offered to give me a hand… so I didn’t refuse him. ‘Come behind me and feel my breasts from under the shirt’. He got up and did what I told him to. The extra pair of hand came really… handy… as his soft shaking fingers were making my nipples become harder and harder. So I came, in that chair. The characters of my movie were not done yet, but I had my share of the action.

‘Do you often get similar action around here?’ I asked the old man. ‘Well, not like today. But you’d be surprised of what good quality movies I’ve seen while working here’. I thanked him for the help, and asked him if he could turn the elevators on for a few minutes. He did, and he told me to ‘come again’… and see him.

Today was again a good day for science…

Lesbian Sex at the Office

This morning I woke up in no mood for going to work. But I couldn’t just call in sick, not in this period of the year. I washed myself, put some decent clothes on, and went to work. I was emotionally prepared for another boring day at the office… but something nice happened there today.

I got to my office – small corner, little privacy – and I got on with the work. I was constantly watching the clock, counting the hours until my lunch break. ‘Hi! I’m Susan’, I heard a gentle voice coming from behind me. I turned around and I saw a 30-ish blond woman looking at me. ‘Hello’ I said. She said she was new here and that she was giving the company a tour. I introduced myself and started a small conversation about her background. She was smiling all the time, so I though it would be nice to do the same thing.

‘You have a little…’ and I felt her fingers going through my hair, near my neck. ‘There, I got it. No worries’. I thanked her for removing something from my hair… I wasn’t sure what. ‘It was nice talking to you. Maybe you’d like to join me for lunch. I’ll be in the last office on the left’. That was a small, dark office, where all the new employees were first put. ‘OK. I’ll see you at noon’. She went away, but I could still taste her perfume minutes after that. Susan was slightly tall, long-legged with barely noticeable breasts. She was clearly not my type, but somehow, looking at the clock gained another meaning: waiting for some time alone with her. Of course, I knew that something sexual is out of the question, at least not at work.

I continued working until noon. Time was passing really hard, so I checked my e-mail to make it go faster. I got another kinky message from one of the members of a dating site I recently joined. I really enjoyed this one. ‘Dear Gemma, I’m 40, dark in complexion, tall and skinny. I want to fuck you! My cock is getting hard just by writing this e-mail. Let’s meet. I will fuck you senseless, I promise you!’ Entertaining… what can I say? He didn’t waste time with romantic nonsense. I might consider meeting with him once, or twice – if he is worth it…

At last, it was noon. I grabbed my lunch and headed straight for Susan’s office. I knocked on the door, and someone else opened it for me. It was another woman… one of my older colleagues. It seems I wasn’t the only one invited there. Disappointing. ‘OK. I guess it’s lunch time now. I will leave you in your break, and we’ll talk about the project later. Ta-ta!’ The other woman left the room, and Susan walked her to the door. “Did I interrupt a meeting?’ I asked. Susan assured me that I didn’t, and she said that she was glad I came there. ‘Do you want to eat first?’ ‘First?’ I asked. ‘Yes, first…’, and she closed the door with the key. Then, she came close to be and gave me an innocent kiss on the neck. ‘I really like your neck’ she said. I knew where this was going… and I wanted it. I kissed her on the lips, and she answered back. Her hands went under my shirt, caressing my back as her lips lowered on my neck. Her lips were soft and generous. Then, her hands slowly made their way on my chest. ‘I don’t want to rumple this for you. Take it of’. So I did. ‘It’s not fair. You should take of your pants’ I said. She agreed. I helped her unbutton them and I put my hand inside her panties as she lowered them down. She pushed me on her desk, and got on top of me. My hand was still in that right place. She took of her blouse and I could feel her nipples touching my breasts. I made her come. She shook for a bit, while kissing me, then she got down in front of me, pulled my skirt up, and made me come as I was laying on that desk.

‘Now we can eat our lunch’. We got dressed and ate our lunch. Today was a good day for science…

Sex Education – Masturbating for women using a cucumber


Even before the credit crunch came to live among us, some women are very imaginative when it comes to saving money. Some grow their own vegetable in their garden to save on spending at the supermarket. Other reduce waste by making more efficient use of things they would normally have thrown away. I don’t quite understand what the lady in this video is saying (she is speaking Korean) but from her demonstration she seem to have found a good way to save money on her vegetable and sex toys at the same time.

From here demonstration, she seem to be explaining the joy of masturbating with the humble cucumber. She had them in various shapes and sizes and proceeded to explain (I think) how deeply it should be inserted, what angle to position you body prior to insertion and how to make the most of it once its inside you.

She didn’t quote demonstrate this but I am sure after having all the fun she wanted with the cucumbers she can take it to the kitchen and make a cucumber sandwich for her husband, I am sure the taste of that sandwich will be out of this world given where it has been before being turned to food.