Sex toys and a helpful neighbor

Today I went to see my friend… well, we’re not quite friends but he’s the closest I got to one. He works in a Sex Shop near to my place, and he’s originally from Slovenia, so we get along very well. I know what you are thinking, but I haven’t fucked him… he’s not into women. I enjoy having small talks with him, and the fact that he always lets me try the new toys before buying them. So I picked up a few and went home. I was exhausted from work, just like in the Beatles’ song, except I don’t have anyone to come home to (not that I’m complaining).

As I got inside the building, I rushed to catch the elevator… there were a few people in there, but I couldn’t wait to try the toys. I didn’t even notice that the handsome neighbor was in there with his family. He was staring at me. I felt awkward, but I liked it. Don’t know why. When the elevator reached their floor, his wife had to call his name to make him get of… it was like he was in a trance. Perhaps he had a flash back with our past encounter.

I got into my apartment, closed the door, stripped of my clothes and rushed towards the bedroom.  I got the bag with the harmonies and I closed my eyes and I draw a first object out of the bag. It was an inflatable dildo. I was wet, but not wet enough, so I tied a scarf around my eyes (I love that) and I started touching myself. My nipples were getting hard, until they started to hurt, and I lowered my hand between my thighs. It was worm there. I pulled them tight together, and I started to move my fingers in a circular way. It felt really god. I imagined my mysterious neighbor touching me there and I almost came… but I stopped. Sometimes I like to tease myself. I put the dildo inside and started to inflate it. I never had one like this before. I could feel it moving inside me, like a penis that is getting harder and harder. Then I began moving it… and I came with just a few gentle moves. It was intense. I didn’t plan to finish this quick… I still had other toys in the bag. So I thought of smoking a cigarette and trying another one. I cleaned myself with a towel, grabbed my sleeping robe, and went on the balcony. It was cold, and my nipples started to hurt. I guess I was still aroused. As I lighted my cigarette, I heard the door bell ring. It was around 8 and I wasn’t expecting any visitors. I opened the door and I saw my handsome tall neighbor: he was helping his wife with a petition concerning… something. I think he was surprised seeing me and he looked down… or perhaps he saw my hard nipples through the robe. I invited him in with the excuse that it was cold in the hall, but I was thinking of only one thing: fucking him. I closed the door and I noticed that he saw the clothes that were lying on the floor. I smiled and I said ‘These are supposed to go here’, and I opened the robe. He got a hard one, so I approached him without doing anything… just waiting to see what happens. I was really horny. He then threw away the papers and pushed me into the wall, biting my nipples. It hurt, but I liked it. He unzipped his pants without undressing and started fucking me right there. He was the silent type. Not a sound came from his mouth. He came long after I did. Then he zipped his pants and got out the door, forgetting about his papers. I felt satisfied. I got to fuck him!

I went on the balcony for another cigarette, but again, I was interrupted. It was him, coming for the papers. I gave them to him and told him ‘Good night!’. He didn’t say a word, just rushed out of the apartment. Poor thing! I scared him away…

I went back to my bedroom to continue with my toys. It was a great day. I only hope that tomorrow I’ll be able to be fresh at work…

Sex in the elevator

I came home late today. That jerk wanted me to finish the report by tomorrow. I hate my job. But at least I got to know better my neighbors. Some say it’s not wise to fuck where you live … or does the saying go in a different way?

I live at the eleventh floor and the doorman is always happy to open the door for me. I guess he’s happy about opening the door for anyone. As I was entering the building, the doorman’s fake smile was interrupted by the voice of a man telling him not to close the door. I looked back and I saw a 40 something tall man coming my way. The doorman said ‘Hello mister Smith, how’s life with the little missy?’ Of course his last name was not Smith, but I thought it was a bad idea to write down his real name. Actually, at that time, I didn’t even know who he was because as I told you I’m not much of a social person. I only knew his name and that he was married… and good looking. Oh, yes, and that his family was living in the same building as me. But these are just small and irrelevant details compared to what other details I have relating to him.

As he entered the building, he must not have seen me, because he pushed his suitcase under my…ass. I don’t know how he managed to do that, but perhaps the fact that I was wearing a short baggy skirt eased the process. I only know that when the cold suitcase touched the lower side of my ass, I felt aroused. When I feel aroused, I tend to blush… and he saw that. He apologized for the accident, and tried to be a gentleman by opening the elevator’s door for me. His voice was deep and the more he talked, the more horny I became. By the time we reached the 7th floor, I couldn’t help myself and I jumped on him. I started kissing his neck, with one hand holding his tie up, almost strangling him, and with the other one rubbing his cock. He liked it… I could feel it getting hard. But then, the elevator stopped at the 10th floor, and she pushed me away and ran outside. I just hate a man who leaves me unfinished. I was not suggesting a marriage; I just wanted to have a quickie! God I was horny!

My floor came next, and I got out of the elevator. I started searching for my keys. I can’t concentrate when I’m horny, so the more I searched the more nervous I got. ‘Can I help you with something?’ I heard a voice and as I turned the other way around, the pizza boy was staring at me. I said ‘Yes you can!’ and I pushed him in the elevator. I blocked the door and I started to unzip his pants. He wasn’t saying a word, just smiling. What 18 year old pizza boy would turn down a horny woman? So we started to fuck. Not that it would have mattered at that time, but his cock was really big! I didn’t even take my clothes of, just ripped of my panties and started ridding him. He finished before I did, but that didn’t stop me in getting what I wanted. I continued fucking him because his cock was still hard. And I finished. I got out of the elevator, but not before taking a leaflet… in case I wanted to eat pizza… :).

So perhaps I scared my neighbor, but the pizza guy made my day. I’m sure I’ll see both of them again, though I’m not sure I would fuck the pizza guy again. I get turned on easily, but strangers are simply much more irresistible. And I can say that I now know the pizza guy… really god! Perhaps I should try again with my neighbor?

Tomorrow is another day…

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