Get down to a Quickie just about anywhere

Conventional wisdom can be quite boring and wrong for example, a professor no less once told the Wright brothers, the inventor of aeroplanes that a machine heavier than air can not fly so they brothers should stop this ridiculous idea of inventing and aeroplane. Another wrong one was the teacher who to young Albert Einstein that he will not amount to anything in likes…………….. fast forward to today.

Women love to be wine and dined, romance, after that the delicate subject of sex should be hinted at? wrong!!! at Very Naughty Dates, the women are not pretentious, they just want to get down to doing sex. Forget romance, forget the foreplay, grab the lube and enjoy that 5-minute rampant romp! Here are just some tips to get you doing it like rabbits allover the place once you find the right partner at Very Naughty Dates: