Diary of a bisexual Polish Woman

My name is Gemma and I’m 25 years old Polish woman… going on 20. I work in an office in a small local company, and every day I’m taking the bus because I don’t own a car yet. I’m not much of a social person this is why the persons I meet don’t stick around much to become my friends. That makes me a bit sad, mostly because I don’t have close friends to ask me how my day was. At first, it may seem that my life is ruled by routine, but I would not exactly describe it like that. I am a sex addict and I don’t discriminate either of the sexes. This brings me to the reason why I’m writing here. I want to keep an online diary of my memorable encounters. Since I have no close friends to confess to, I will post here all my sexual exploits that made my days special. I hope reading them will give you a kick. 🙂