Perfect Sex Tips For Married Couples


Marriages fail due to boredom and infidelity mostly due to lack of spark in the sex life of married couples. Your partners physical and sexual qualities don’t look favorable any more like the first time you met.

Those times when the bed used to be spicy and you both couldn’t wait for the night to come so you can both jump into a romantic adventure on your bed. There are  much more traditional ways to brighten your sex life by improving the sexual qualities thereby boosting erotic and sexual tensions more rapidly among married couples that have lost the zeal to play fight under the bed sheets.

The most important fact about boosting a sex life among couples is that both married couples must make effort . This is not for the man or for the woman alone. Expect no valuable result when only you try to make it work. Remember it takes two to tango.

When it comes to sex among married couples, love and sexual union can only be acquired by a continual habit of showing love and practicing sex creatively. You must always think of something new to contribute to the relationship and learn never to be stagnant with the usual sexual concepts.

Here are just a few but promising tips to enable you kick start an enjoyable sex life:

•Learn the art of walking together always either during the day or at night. Walk together at  public resorts or quiet and lonely places. Lean on each other and rub bodies against yourselves. This is popularly called the “rubbing embrace”.
You can do this, rubbing your partner against the wall, a tree or a car. This helps to increase sexual tensions.

• There are no fixed time that you should embrace or kiss your partner. Learn to kiss always. Kiss, pressing scratching and general foreplay should be encouraged and should always be done before  sex.

• To increase tensions , there are specific points which are vital areas that you should kiss to increase the sexual passion just before making love with your partner. This are vital and sensitive areas that stimulates all kinds of internal sexual passion. Start kissing from any point from the thighs, the arm, the neck and also the navel.

You could also practice “clasping kissing” whereby you kiss the upper lip of your partner while he or she in return kisses your lower lip and vice versa. Always kiss your partner even when they are asleep in bed, don’t worry about waking them up it is a mutual reflection of your love.

Have sex as often as you can it is an affectionate sign of a passionate quarrel between two loving couples. Always adopt new ways of foreplay for yourselves before getting down to the sex part of it like having intense foreplay. Wearing jewelry and beads on your neck or hips only without clothes on is one way of creating an atmosphere of seduction.

•Have just a few drinks in bed to get the mood up and keep the blood going. Its fun to be tipsy ones in a while and make funny faces and jokes at each other with such a tipsy state of mind, do this sometimes without having sex. It boost your want and addiction to each others presence.

•Be a little bit rough with each other. Play fight sometimes under the cover of your bed sheets. Learn to get rough and physical in bed sometimes.

•Sex toys and new sex positions are great to try out in bed. Explore your fantasies and sexual adventures. This takes married couples to a whole new level of discovering new things about themselves.

•Although sexual intercourse is an important part of a relationship between married couples, sex is not just about sexual intercourse alone but the way you spend your lives together exploring yourselves intimately, through erotic body communication.

Most importantly, always promote communication between yourselves don’t make things boring, be creative if you want your marriage to be much more pleasurable. Nobody is going to teach you how to be romantic in bed, you have to do it yourselves.