Mind, body and soul – do you look good enough?

Almost two entire months have passed from this New Year and we can look a little behind and see whether we succeed to get on with our resolutions for 2011 or not, from losing some weight to even learning some new hot positions for long nights. It is very important to look as best as possible for Very Naughty Dates hot girls so let’s talk a little about mind, body and soul. You cannot look good without feeling good, right?


Both our mind and body needs exercise for staying healthy and active. When it comes to putting your brain wheels on the move it is nothing more appropriate than writing some dirty material or reading other erotic stories that “train” our mind. In parallel, you can always enjoy “foods for the brain” like oily fish, nuts, broccoli or pumpkin seeds and on top of that, a good sleep is exactly what you might be needing.

Of course, these are not the only things you can do to put the wheels on the move, there are always folks available for a quick chat on Very Naughty Dates, why not let your imagination fly and start a dirty discussion with the hot girls out there?


We all know how at New Year’s Party we challenged our body to a weekly workout program but what other way than exercising a little in bedroom you can find both sensual and effective in the same time? Indeed, working your body at gym can burn a few calories but also an hour of hot sex can definitely help you when trying to lose some weight. However, before jumping in bed with your favourite playmate you should definitely work a little at home, at least 30-45 minutes each day should keep you fit.

While we talk about working our body, have you noticed someone on Very Naughty Dates that can become your gym partner and even more? Why not sending a message and start mingling?


Be calm, positive, relax and enjoy life. As all are inter-connected, so are mind, body and soul so if you want to enjoy sex even better than first energize your soul then go with your body. Try to find out what your partner likes more and make you best move.

This is exactly what you can do when it comes to Very Naughty Dates – take your soul on another level and start sending winks, compliments and some naughty gifts to someone you might fancy. A compliment will always be rewarded with a smile, at least.

So now that you have succeeded to create a connection between you mind, body and soul, here are some bedroom dilemmas that might help you in the future. First of all, when someone contacts you and you want to reply but in a manner that will not make you look desperate, do not send multiple messages and also keep it short. Don’t start with long stories that women are not interested about, just be short and sweet. On the other hand, stop sending winks instead of a short message: although they could sound like a great ice-breaker, a well-thought message could be way better than a simple wink that does not tell other folks anything.