Kama Sutra The Sixty Four Arts

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra

Vatsyayan’s Kama Sutra covers a total of sixty four arts including dancing, playing of musical instruments, singing, garland making, painting, calligraphy, cooking, sewing, looking after the infirm, and maintenance of proper hygiene to mention some of them. A girl must attain proficiency in some of them in order to become an ideal wife. While these are the general arts that need to be learned by a girl to run the household, when it comes to sex and physical relationships, Vatsyayan recommends expertise in sixteen arts that a girl must gain proficiency in, so that she and her partner can lead a harmonious and exciting marriage life. Some of them are the ability to read the partner’s mind, tacitly showing encouragement through seductive body postures, permitting the partner to fondle her body parts, be active with her mouth and nails in biting and scratching the partner’s body parts gently, art of seductive undressing, active participation in the sexual act and once done with, conceal the private parts adequately.

Other arts that Kama Sutra advocates is the ability to hold one’s partner to oneself, induce guilt in him if he has shown any neglect, turn down unfavourable and amorous advances from strangers and if need be abstain from sex for some time in order to tease the partner and test his will power.

What is the use, you may ask of knowing all these arts?

Well, the knowledge of the above arts accords character, virtue and a mystical aura to the woman and these arts are very useful especially for prostitutes and concubines. Ordinary women are able to prevent their partners from going astray. Moreover, knowledge of these arts enables widows to lead an active sexual life and they need not reconcile themselves to a life bereft of any physical relationship. A woman is able to understand her partner’s needs without the need for him to express it. Moreover, the arts which require the woman to don the aggressive partner role provide a great thrill in the sexual journey of the couple. The art of very coyly allowing the partner to explore her body infuses a current of eroticism that sparks off great passion and culminates in a very satisfying sexual episode.

The different sexual postures

Kama Sutra also refers to sixty-four postures by which physical contact can be achieved between a man and a woman. One underlying principle behind all these postures is that they should encourage conception and not abortion. The postures themselves are such that both partners feel immense joy during the sexual act and they facilitate easy sexual activity.

Kama Sutra strongly believes that physical intimacy must provide joy and pleasure without which sexual activity is meaningless. That is one of the reasons; it makes a strong case for physical compatibility as the main starting point for conjugal bliss. There is bound to be dissatisfaction in the sexual relationship if a couple is not well matched in terms of their physical structure. The Kama Sutra does provide answers in the form of innovative sexual positions to overcome such problems, but in general recommends physical compatibility between partners.