Kama Sutra – sexual positions you never imagined

Kama sutra is not only about various sexual intercourse positions. It is a treatise on the art of living life, sourcing a good life partner, ensuring that both the partners are happy in marriage etc. The misunderstanding about Kama sutra being primarily a book about various sexual positions only stemmed from the unusual emphasis placed on a specific chapter, which discussed the various facets of sex like positions, biting, kissing, oral sex and other forms of unusual sex. Following versions of this chapter in other releases of Kama sutra went a step further and dotted the book with raunchy illustrations, there by overshadowing other useful and informative chapters in the book.

The western world was exposed to the Kama sutra through the efforts of Sir Richard Burton, who translated the original work of Vatsyayana. More than the translation, it was his attempt to publish his work in an extremely sexually repressive and moralistic Victorian period that was remarkable. This work became very popular in the year 1883 and kept getting pirated and clandestinely printed through the years till 1962, when the first formal publication got released in the UK and United States.

Kama sutra is regarded as a classic to this day due to its ability to discuss basic human emotions like lust, shyness, seduction, rejection and manipulation. In ancient India, this book was one of the three textbooks recommended in the study of human sciences, the other two being Dharma (morality/justice) and Artha (money/success). These three books were a must for every person seeking education and it is clear from this that ancient India accorded a lot of importance to not only sex education but also to the art of sensuality.

Kama sutra recognizes women as a very active participant and promotes the sexuality of women as an integral part of the whole sexual act. Vatsyayana actually devotes two full chapters to women, the sixth chapter to the courtesans and the fourth chapter to wives.

Women’s participation in Kama sutra

The unique aspect of the portrayal of women in Kama sutra is the active role that is assigned to her in the fulfillment of the sex act. She is not the passive partner at the receiving end of a man’s lust. Preliminary love which features the act of embracing the partner shows the women playing the active role on two different occasions. In the first one, she encloses her man totally and offers her inviting lips for a kiss which leads to tremendous sexual excitement in the man. The second instance shows her resting one of her feet on her man’s foot and the other on his thigh, while one of her arms is holding on to his shoulder with the other arm around his back. The posture depicts as if she is about to climb on top of him and shows her as a very active and aggressive participant. It only goes to show the stress that Kama sutra lay on the fact that a woman who enjoys sex by actively participating in foreplay can make the entire experience very thrilling for the man as well.

The Kama sutra presents women not as mere sexual objects, but as personalities with a lot of desire to enjoy sex. One of the other chapters also advocates the need for gentleness in a man when having sex with a virgin.

Kama sutra is therefore a full guide on how to enjoy one of life’s most thrilling and essential acts, while recognizing the desires and wants of women as equal partners in the journey.