It is a small word part 2 – shag her senseless

Mark just stood there and watched her walk away. She looked fantastic. She was a leggy brunette, probably about the same age as himself, with a cracking figure. Her ass shook from side to side in that beautiful womanly way. Her skirt was short and black, and only just covered her ample ass cheeks and she quickened her pace; probably sensing his eyes on her.
She glanced over her shoulder and smiled, and Mark instantly imagined himself fucking her hard from behind. He imagined pushing up her tiny little skirt, exposing her beautiful arse and shagging her senseless. “Something wrong?” She asked, snapping Mark back into reality again. She turned to look at him and as she did he eyed her cleavage, long and inviting, tucked tightly into a white see through, plunge top.
“No,” he said with a smile on his face, “everything is absolutely fine.” He walked off to his room, cracked open a can of beer and switched on his PC.
After a while he found someone receptive to his virtual advances and it didn’t take long to get down to business. The girl he met called herself JENNA7 and all Mark could imagine was the porn actress Jenna Jameson. With this in his mind he didn’t even bother to scan her images, all he thought about was the beautiful porn star. As soon as the Jenna had told him what she was wearing he had his cock in his hand. He imagined himself standing over her with his cock in his hand, wanking slowly over the huge cleavage she said she had. All he really wanted to do was dump his load, but he knew he’d have to partake in some of her pleasure too. Once he’d resigned himself to this he began detailing how he wanted to eat her pussy:

I want to put my head up your mini skirt and pull your little panties to one side. Then I want to stick my tongue out and let you move against it until I find the rhythm you want.

And she replied:

Yes, I want that. I want you to have to lap up my wet pussy and lick my thighs as the juice runs down my leg. You dirty fucking bastard. Lick it!

Mark was mildly surprised at the feisty nature of this woman, but after a few more messages, and a little more wanking he soon started to like it. He wrote:

I want you to grab me by the hair and move my head all over your pussy like I was just your living sex toy. I want you to soak my face with your pussy. I’ll tongue your clit and make you come.

After he wrote the last message things went a little quiet. She didn’t write another message. His cock was suddenly robbed of all its joy, and it started to go limp in his hand. Where the fuck was she? All Mark was waiting for was her to tell him she wanted to get down on her knees and suck his cock; Mark loved having his cock sucked. Blowjobs were what he lived for, virtual and real. Then suddenly there was a beep and another message appeared:

Just looked at your profile pictures. Nice.

Mark’s cock twitched back into gear, leaping to attention in his hand. He wrote back.

Thanks. Glad you like them. My cock is busting to shoot some hot cum. Did you come already? How would you suck my cock? Tell me.

She answered him.

Yes I have thanks. And, how would you like your cock sucked baby?

Then, right in the middle of his reply the doorbell rang and his cock went completely limp. It was well used to this. His roommate often forgot his keys and woke him up at any hour of the day or night; and this wasn’t the first time he’d had a wank interrupted by him. He closed the window on his screen in a temper and stamped off to the door.
He swung it open and to his surprise there stood the hot girl from downstairs. She had a laptop in her hand. Wait a minute, he thought quickly. He looked her up and down and managed to figure things out. Short skirt, huge cleavage. He looked into her eyes and found them smiling back at him from behind her laptop screen. She closed it and walked into the room without saying a word.