How to have a one night stand

sweet couple cuddling in bed

Are you craving the excitement, passion and thrill of having a one night stand? Do you want to experience the high of having passionate explosive sex with a completely stranger? If you don’t really know how to go about having a one night stand here are some tips to help you experience that exhilarating experience.

  1. How to find him: there are plenty of places you can find your one night stand, the obvious places are at bars and clubs, these are good places to find a one night stand because once the alcohol gets everyone buzzing and the music makes everyone feel sexy, a lot of people go to clubs and bars with the intention of meeting someone to take home. Get dolled up, dance and laugh the night away and you will most definitely get approached more than once.


There are online sites specifically dedicated to men and women who are looking for one nightstands or sex buddies. This is handy because it allows you to go through all the pictures and choose someone who you are attracted to, you both know exactly what you want to do and you can talk about when where and how before it goes down.


  1. If you have gone for the option of meeting your potential lover in a club or bar, then make sure that the rest of the night is spend dancing, talking, giggling and of course flirting away. Make you intentions known by using all your feminine charms and powers of seduction. Get him away from him and whisper in his ear how attracted you are to him; you can also whisper a few clues of what you would like to do to him.


  1. Once the night is over and you have decided that it’s on tonight you have to make a decision, your place or his!! If you decide to go to his place make sure that you have a good supply if condoms (you don’t know how long this is going to last) make sure he hasn’t got any recording equipment hiding anywhere, if you’re drunk you are just going to have to be extra vigilant and make sure that you leave before he wakes up!! Not only will this create a sexy mystery for him and have him wondering if he dreamt last night, it will save you the embarrassment of having him poke you awake and mumbling that he has to go to work now.


  1. Your place, before you even leave the house make sure that it is of course spic and span, make sure that everything you need is in place, condoms in the drawer, alcohol on the table and bed sheets fresh and clean. Do not light any candles or shower rose petals all over the bedroom floor. You are not making love to your new boyfriend for the first time.


  1. Now that everything is set and ready, you know what to do, have fun and be safe!!