Harmful Sex Toys That Could Send You To The Emergency Room

There’s a new and improved revolution of sexual satisfaction for those who are not satisfied with the regular sex and want to try something new. That’s when the sex toys come into the scenario. They are available in all shapes and sizes and they seem to be quite pleasurable and very popular. It is even rumored that they give far more maximum satisfaction than the regular sex.

Sex toys has its pros, but what about the cons?

Most sexual injuries are believed to be caused by this sex toys. According to the School On Public Health’s Survey on Emergency Medical Assistance, the number of people who needed quick medical assistance due to physical injuries were mostly by individuals experimenting with sex toys.

Most of the causes of such injuries, are when they are used the wrong way especially sensitive areas like the anus. The human rectal canal is not designed to accommodate assorted alien objects moving through with diversely and uncontrolled. For those who still intend using sex toys, proper instructions should be followed to avoid injuries. Ignoring vital instructions could be dangerous to the health.

All sex toys are potentially dangerous when the instructions are not properly adhered to, but the most controversial and most used sex toy usually cause the most injuries when individuals push the use of such toys to the extreme. Sex Toys that cause the most injuries are;


vibratorVibrators could be injurious when used wrongly especially when used on such sensitive areas such as the anus. Vibrators are the most popular sex toys but when it slips into the rectum, it could become a real problem. They can also become problematic when overheated while being used over a long period of time.



dildoDildos  cause far lesser injuries but if used on the wrong part of the body , it could be injurious. The rectum usually fall victim to injuries caused by dildos more than the vaginal insertion. When an individual constantly uses the dildo on the rectum. Piles and other forms of complications like anal fissures could occur.


• The Butt Plugs

butt_plugThey are also designed to be inserted into the anus, but one wrong move could also be injurious. They are usually flagged at the end to prevent the device from being lost in the anus.

•Ben Wa Balls

ben_ya_ballsThese balls improve vaginal sexual pleasure in women. They are inserted in the vagina and then the hips are rocked slowly to stimulate pleasure. The hips should be rocked slightly and not rapidly and always use a lubricant to prevent rough friction that could cause injuries. Failure to follow this instruction, could be injurious to the user.



•Cock Rings.

cock_ringIt works by fitting the ring into the penis. It pleasures both the man and the woman at the same time, but it can be injurious if care is not taken and instructions are not abided by. People who are rough while having sex should not use cock rings.

•Bondage Fantasy Toys

Fifty Shades of ConsumptionThey come in different assorted tools depending on each individuals fetish like cuffs, straps, whip, and also blind folds. The tool that could cause potential injury is the whip. So care should be taken not to go extreme with the whip so as not to cause injuries while deep in the sexual frenzy.

•Extreme Ass Spreader

extreme-ass-spreaderJust like the name implies. That wider you spread that ass, would push that ass to its breaking point and cause an injury that could be very serious and next to irreversible, so follow instructions to enjoy maximum sexual experience.
Never ignore instructions. This is very important when using a sex toy. Ignoring would always prove to be dangerous. Don’t forget to use plenty of lubricant when undergoing that anal sexual quest or what ever type of sexual penetration. Most instructions basically advice the use of reasonable quantity of lubricant when the sex toy is for insertion and vibratory purpose to prevent friction and lesions.

Toys that are quite complex are not for beginners. Never use a complex sex toy when you have no previous experience about the basic sex toys.