Giving and receiving anal oral sex


Pleasuring someone by anal oral sex is popularly known as rimming or rim-job, and it goes both ways: giving and receiving. This is not a common thing included in the foreplay or in any other time, but it can be more satisfying then your typical oral sex. You just need to find a partner that enjoys trying new things and once you did it, you’ll definitely want some next time as well. Rimming can be a great experience both as a giver and as a receiver, but there are a few issues regarding health risks. Nevertheless, you should try it at least once.

Some people love to give such oral pleasure and they get quite turned on by it. It’s kinky and exciting, especially if the person whom you are giving it to is enjoying herself or himself. You should never give a rim-job just because you expect one in return: if you do this you will only make your partner uncomfortable. This oral pleasuring in not that common and you should have no such expectations from the other person. Also, not everyone enjoys it, so don’t force your partner in accepting one or just marching in without testing the water first. You should do that by talking about it or, in a less direct manner, playing with the anus a bit and progressing towards the rim-job as you ask him or her how he or she is feeling.

The more selfish bunch of us prefers receiving a rim-job without returning the favor. Of course, no one expects you to give it back, especially if you didn’t see it coming – but still you enjoyed it. Make sure you clear that out before you begin the act just to avoid frustration and feeling rejected. If you like receiving anal oral pleasure, ask your partner to do it but don’t force him into anything he rejects. If the rimming takes you by surprise it might be a shock, especially if you are more conservative. Don’t fight or feel angry, just tell him or her it’s not your coup of tea. No one is humiliated when receiving such pleasure (actually, the one giving the pleasure is getting turned on by a slight humiliation) and you can almost think of it as an honor.

There are some few risks when it comes to rimming, but they can be prevented. You should know by now that the anus is not the cleanest part of your body. I’m not only talking about basic hygiene – which should be compulsory – but there are bacteria, viruses and parasites present around your anus and inside your rectum. These can sometimes lead to several sexual transmitted diseases and 3 types of hepatitis, but chances are small when you do it with a stable partner and naming the possible diseases will only make you reject rimming.

Giving and receiving a rim-job is fun and exciting. You can’t know if you like it or not if you don’t give it a try!