Fun with food during sex


It can be a major turn on to play with food while you’re having sex. If you are the type of person who loves to eat then combining these two things can be the ultimate bringer of pleasure. Imagine your partner covered in cream or chocolate, or taking a piece of frozen juice and stimulating his or her hot spots. When food is mixed with sex, everyone is satisfied without risking any health problems – except for diabetes if the sweet sex is too often. If you have second thought about doing it, I strongly recommend you to try it: not once, but several times, and before you know it, you’ll get addicted in a good way.

Mixing food with sex is a great way of spicing up your relationship. The most common foods used for such an experience are white cream, chocolate cream, honey, syrup and your typical flavored ice. A good foreplay should include a bit of food, especially if it’s sweet. Your partner’s nipples can use a bit of cream topping and so are his or her other intimate areas. Moreover, you can use such food to increase the pleasures of the oral sex: if you have certain reservations about pleasuring your partner orally, a tasty substance can motivate you. It can also be exciting for the person who is covered in food as he or she is not only stimulated by you when you lick his or her hot spots, but there is also a psychological pleasure. In other words, when your partner puts hot or cold food on you, the stimulation is already started and the expectation of what is going to happen will only increase your pleasure.

You can also play with food that is solid: pieces of chocolate, grapes, strawberries and so on. A nice foreplay can happen when you feed each other such things, and there are certain foods that have an aphrodisiac effect. Also, you can try penetrating her vagina with strawberries, bananas, or anything you have in mind, and then feeding her and yourself. Sound exciting, right? Just avoid chili or spices that would make both of you uncomfortable – I know for a fact that it’s not a good idea to insert a pepper up there! I believe such species can be considered extreme, and talking about extreme food, there are people who push this type of foreplay to its limits. Some prefer having themselves of their partner completely covered in food, no matter what the type of food is. So they basically have or resemble to an all you can eat buffet.

This sort of fun can be messy, especially if taken to extremes. You can spoil good clothes, lingerie and expensive bed shits. Nevertheless, when you experiment with food during sex, you shouldn’t think about the mess: it’s a price worth paying. The sky is your only limit, so have fun with some food while you have sex!