Chinese wife-swappers on trial – Swingers club busted

The Chinese authorities are known for their strictness against many things ranging from censoring search engines, one child policy and many others. They are also adept at digging out obscured laws or making one up when it suits them as the organisers of a Swingers club in China found out recently. Ma Xiaohai the founder of a swingers club said he and other swingers in his club are not aware that a law which the authority has cited for prosecuting members of his club existed in the first place.

 Xiaohai, a 53 year old maths lecturer was said to have started a wife-swappers chat room on the Internet, the membership of the group steadily increased till they had about 200 members. Ma Xiaohai was said to have started the swingers club when he was depressed because his second marriage broke down. The chatroom initially started as a forum where most participants just discuss their marital problems, it later went on to include physical meting and the progressed to full wife swapping,  some of the events took place at Xiaohai house.

The authorities have put 14 men and 8 women on trial for an offence called “group licentiousness”. A relationship expert at Chinese Academy of social scientist described the law as outdated.

I guess Very Naughty Dating and other sites like our will not be in a hurry to open a Chinese version of our site giving what happend to this poor swingers in Nanjing.