The Naughty Roundup from Very Naughty Dating: Top Naughty Sites of 2019

A very warm welcome to the Very naughty blog. We started bringing you a compilation of some of the best naughty sites, in 2016. We seemed to have dozed off after our maiden compilation. We are now awake, and ready to bring you new Naughty Sites
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A Lesson in Polyamory from Danielle Corsetto

This is a beautifully illustrated comic strip, featuring a character called Danielle Corsetto. The comic strip is part of a bigger site; a sex toys review website. In the Corsetto strip I read for this review, the main character, and her antromophosized cat, discussed polyamory. The word polyamory does not roll off the tongue easily, unlike it’s male equivalent polygammy, which is quite common, and even legal in some countries.
In the polyamory strip, Danielle Corsetto explain what polyamory is to her cat. The explanation stated what polyamory is basically a woman, who is not necessarily seeing just one man. Sometimes, the other man or men are free to date other people. If you love adult comics, you may want to read about Danielle Corsetto’s adventures on this web page.

Supernatural Erotica – Why Not?

Given how popular supernatural films are these days. Whether it is a vampire and werewolf or the very popular shadow hunter on Netflix. It is not a big surprise when the supernatural crosses over into the world of adult entertainment. The first one I came across is called supernatural erotica. I like how the author of this blog described herself, and the content of her blog. Here is how she introduced here supernatural erotica blog “Thoughts, imaginings and opinions, straight from the slightly skewed mind of Ella Scandal”. After reading only a few lines of her latest story titled Nemesis. The author is without a doubt talented. Nemesis and other supernatural erotica stories on her site, is worth ready. To read nemesis and other stories from Ella Scandal, visit her site.

Sugar Butch – Queer sex, kink gender – just a few of what to expect

If your idea of a sex is boy meet girl, fall in love and live happily everfater, this site is not for you. But then again, if you are that kind of person, what will you be doing visiting a site that described itself as “Queer sex, kink, gender, and relationships”. The author of the site is one Sinclair Sexsmith, but guest contributors seem to contribute to the site regularly. On the day I visited the site for this review, the guest post featured on the homepage was a story titled “A moaning mess of a girl” by a guest writer called Kiki DeLovely. Though I did not read the story in its entirety, the warning of what to expect on the site, pretty summed up what to expect in the story. The warning goes thus: This site contains explicit writings on kink practices, dominant/submissive relationships, and queer kink erotica (among other things).
If the warning does not put you off. And the bio of the author, excerpted below does not put you off, then you are in for some kinky treat.
Kiki DeLovely is a kinky, queer, witchy femme who has toured with Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour and whose work has appeared in various publications, including Best Erotic Romance 2015, Bondage Bites: 69 Super-Short Stories of Love, Lust BDSM, and Appetites: Tales of Lesbian Lust. She longs for/strives toward erotica that reads as fine literature, makes you think, and helps us connect to our spiritual selves. To read this awesomely kinky site, please visit Sugar Butch.

Juliet Allen – Sexologist

This is not your usual naughty sex website, it is the website of a sexologist. I had to look up what a sexologist actually does for this article. Here is how a sexologist is defined in Wikipedia
“Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality, including human sexual interests, behaviors, and functions. The term sexology does not generally refer to the non-scientific study of sexuality, such as political science or social criticism.”
So if you are looking to find out more about the scientific study of human sexuality, you should check out Juliet Allen’s website.

Ace in The Hole

When I started the task of compiling to naughty sites for Very Naughty. The initial expectation was to review loads of kinky and not so kinky sex sites. But a few of the sites the commissioning editor sent to me, to my surprise and admiration, included serious educational sites, such as ace in the hole. This site contains contents about asexuality. I have a vague idea of what asexuality is, but it was refreshing to look it up, for a fuller and rounder picture. It is defined as:
“Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity. It may be considered a sexual orientation or the lack thereof. It may also be categorized more widely to include a broad spectrum of asexual sub-identities”
This blog is worth reading, if for no other reason than to know a bit more about asexuality, and the personal experience of an asexual person.

Sister in Smut

If you are looking for a story about how a person of religiously conservative background, broken free of her background, of stiffling and restrictive upbringing, hen it concersn sex. This site worth visiting. Here is a flavour of what you can expect from the site.
“I’m still sick to death of society’s prudish attitude about all things sexual. Who wants to join me in a revolution of the smutty kind?”
The site urges people of similar background and exprience to break free and join the author, in opensly defying the convention of hypocrisy about sex and sexuality.

Domme Chronicles

If you have ever been curious about the Domme Sub scene, this is the website for you. Curated by an experienced and knowledgeable woman. I spent less than ten minutes on the site, yet it opened my eyes to a whole new domme/sub dating scene. The blog also explored the nature of the men and women in the domme sub culture.
Have a quick read of this excerpt, where the site curator compared domme dating sites, with regular dating sites. She also compared regular guys, with sub men. She calls regular guys and regular dating sites “vanilla” the excerpts follows:
Femdom dating vs vanilla dating is like chalk and cheese for me.
I mentioned in a previous post that on the vanilla dating site, I take a very different approach to ‘when to meet’ than I do on BDSM sites.
There are a number of reasons for that that range from the obvious and simple to something more complex. That’s clearly not a difference between F/m and vanilla, though. That’s just the baseline.

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No Label Dating – What Does It Really Mean?

No Label Dating – What Does It Really Mean?

It seems these days that couples who have even just one date must put a label on what it is that they have together. Are they in a serious, committed relationship? Is this relationship headed somewhere such as marriage? Maybe they are just a couple of people going out together to do something that they both enjoy. There is really no way to know for sure what sort of relationship exists between two people who appear to enjoy spending time together.  Many people cannot stand not having a label put upon connections between couples. After all, it might just be that two people have fun doing things that they have in common. It does not mean that their connection needs to be labeled.

There are reasons that no label dating is a good thing to do. If you are seeing someone who you enjoy spending time with and gradually grow together in a romantic way; that may be the time to tell others of your intentions. This is, without a doubt, labeling your relationship. On the other hand, there are a few reasons that labeling a relationship is not a great thing to do, at least until you are certain of what that label should be.

  • A very good reason for not labeling your relationship, especially doing it too early, is that you go from just hanging out as friends to testing what connection the two of you have. Officially dating someone seems to change everything because the relationship becomes a test. For instance, you may never have concerned yourself with thoughts about clothing. Once the relationship has been labeled, you are suddenly questioning how you dress or how your partner dresses. There are other things that come out once a couple puts a label on their relationship. Enjoy the newness of the connection before labeling it in some way.
  • Before labeling, things are done totally by what mood you are in at the time. Once a label is attached, you may start wondering if it is a bad sign that you are not holding hands as often. Something so simple to figure out previously has you questioning if it is going to hurt their feelings if you want to go home alone.
  • Labeling a relationship can cause you to have expectations of whether or not it will last. It can also make you very disappointed when things do not work.
  • Something that you should be aware of is how your feelings are going to be affected with a relationship label. Your emotions need to be able to evolve at their own pace. The reason for that is you might begin by feeling an intense attraction for someone, and then realize after a short period of time, that the compatibility needed to maintain a relationship is just not there. It is more difficult to backtrack if you have labeled your relationship as romantic too soon.
  • Expect your close friends and relatives to be nosy once you label your relationship. There will be a constant barrage of questions such as your exclusivity or when you are getting married.
  • It is completely normal to feel nervous when it comes to labeling your relationship and does not mean that it is doomed to fail. On the other hand, if you prematurely label it, you might find yourself asking for some time alone. This sets you up for failure, whereas if you are taking things slow, it is perfectly acceptable to take a few days for some “me time.”. Besides, if you never are apart, there is not the chance to miss each other.
  • Referring to someone as your “main squeeze” while shutting down other options too quickly can have you paired with someone who is not the best fit for you. Obviously, labeling a relationship too soon can bring about all sorts of issues later that you might want to avoid.
  • Some people feel that labels can create delusions of sort. Once you apply a label to a relationship, you have an idea of what you want from it, but that idea may not be based in reality. Things can become a bit dangerous anytime that reality is twisted if both parties are not on the same page. It can take some time to actually work out if this is true, so it is always better to get to know each other before attaching a label your relationship. This is where communication is vital. By communicating, each of you has the chance to know what the expectations are of this relationship.

In the end, if you just allow things to flow as they are meant to do, you have a much better chance of enjoying a successful and happy relationship.  It is fine to use labels if that is what you both want. Just remember to keep the communication going and the results will likely be what you have always dreamed you will have.

Top 43 Best Kinky Sex Blogs You Should Follow in 2017

This is a new edition of sex blogs recommended by Very Naughty “Top Sex Blogs To Follow in 2017”. We spent a lot of time and reviewed hundreds of sex blogs & created our list of the most popular naughty blogs you shoul definitely follow in 2017.

If you think that we missed something, get in touch using our Twitter account @VeryNaughty or by sending a message using contact form.



Here is the list of the best sex blogs in 2017 is a sex blog and sexual magazine, offering news, advice, and reviews about sex related topics.. Blogger Cara Sutra provides all sorts of content as a seasoned erotic writer/author. You can participate in any of the forums on the site, view interesting pictures. They run competition and freebies on the site which you may want to check out. is the home of blogger Laura Jane Williams. She provides insightful stories about human nature. Stories featured on Ms Williams website range from love, to being brave. From bravery to spirituality. She is said to write about subjects that matters to thousands of women.  She sees herself as a dirty mouth version of Oprah. She contributes regularly to is a blog aimed at readers over 14 years of age, who are contemplating sex or are sexually active.  The site explores sex, relationships and your body. There is information available for parents to help their teenagers understand sex and how to go about it in a responsible way, should they decide to have sex. is a blog about monogamous relationships. The blog is written by a woman who shares her insight on why she dates monogamously. She also provides unique stories about sex and other topics such as role playing, hot sex and blow jobs. is a popular UK sex blog featuring personal experiences of the blogger Molly. Her work has been recognized by various media outlets and has had erotic images featured at different exhibitions in the UK. Readers are treated to creative erotic stories and photography. is written by a male blogger with interests in love, sex and words. The blog features sexual opinions, memories and encounters the author shares with great visual details. The blog has been recognized as one of the top sex blogs in 2012, 2011 and 2009., is a sex blog ran by Jillian Boyd. She provides engaging content about sex as a way to help herself and others understand sexuality. It is like learning about sex but what you didn’t learn about in school. You can also read erotic fiction and erotic romance. offers erotic writing and erotic photography to enhance your imagination. You can read sexy tales and learn about erotic books to inspire sexual fantasies. The blogger encourages visitors to read and play. Enlighten your imagination just a bit when thinking about what people do behind the drapes. is a sex blog offering comprehensive sex and relationship advice, based on popular media. The blog includes a web show and online magazine by Ask Dan & Laura. The site helps people accept themselves for who they are, while seeking innovative advice on how to improve love and sexual relationships. offers detailed reviews of sex toys. The site also provide tips on sex toy maintenance and other valuable information.  The author is a fearless blogger who fights against toxic toys. She provides in-depth information about sex toys including what you should know before spending money on a new sex toy. is a sex blog written from personal experience and views of the blogger. One of her main writing muses is sex, but she also writes about attraction and relationships. The blog is a sanctuary featuring erotic contents, including sex toy reviews and stories. The blog has a number of recognized achievements for its content. is a sex blog that offers articles, product reviews and news. You can read about relationships, sex and learn about the latest sex toys. Video reviews offer in-depth details about products you can purchase. Readers can learn how certain sex toys can help improve their satisfactory. is an erotic poetry site. The blog features creative erotic poems. It provides positive and insightful views on sex and human relationship. There are also quotes, sayings and information on love, relationships and even other sex blogs. is a sex blog featuring hot and sexy erotic content. You can read stories and erotic tales by the blogger, as well as learn about other erotic writings available. There is advice on sex and other things you can expect from a quality sex blog. is an adult blog offering advice to Christian women. Readers can get wholesome advice on how to make sex interesting for themselves and their spouse. Get tips on how to make the best of sexual intimacy in a healthy way. The site provides insight on additional resources married couples will find useful including books, videos and articles. is an online sex comic with elements of a sex blog. Readers can get reviews on sex toys and useful information on sex topics such as contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.    The highlight of the site features various comic strips with enlightening sexual content. is a writing project by writers who identified themselves as a feminist. They provide personal insight on sex through essays, poetry and books. Readers can read dirty stories, queer kinky sex and relationships. This blog provides in-depth details about sex. is a trendy sex blog featuring reviews, health and beauty tips and sex advice. It provides a wide range of insight on topics affecting men and women while providing a place for others to submit content for publication. It gives tips on how to have fun during sex and relationships. is a contemporary blog offering advice and insight on love, sex and beyond. You can learn about sex toys, watch videos and read confessions from others. Get sex health news and stay up to date on how sex is affecting elements of today’s pop culture including books, movies and celebrities. is a sex blog that explores many sides of sexuality. The blogger works to educate readers about adult sexuality while being a proud advocate of sexual experimentation. Readers get useful insight on sex techniques, sexual identity, sex toy reviews and more. It explores kinky sex, non-monogamy and how to give a great blow job. is a sex blog with erotic writing, sex toys and photography. The blog offers useful tips on how to buy sex toys, reviews, erotic poetry and personal insight on sexuality from the blogger. is a blog for individuals that find intelligence attractive and sexy. This sex blog is for the sophisticated individuals, who crave fund and enjoyment. Adults get sex education and classy adult humor. The site explores erotica as an art, while providing interesting article exploring sexuality. is a blog for horny girls everywhere. The contents are all about getting off and getting it on! It’s a place to get educated, reassured and maybe even turned on… and sometimes all three at once. There are questions, answers, tips, advice, and lots of juicy stories. explore the deep waters of sex, pleasure, relationships, intimacy, sex toys, books, sexual health. Find out what gets you off and what brings you satisfaction. here you can find posts about BDSM, Bondage, Chasity, Collars, Electro Toys, Restraints, Sex Toys, Underwear, Dildos etc. this blog was created by Ruby Ryder. She was ashamed of her sexual desire in the past.  After getting over this shame, she created the blog to share quality tips and advice to people who feels the way she used to feel about sexual desire. Kate Sloan, the creator of the blog is relatively young. That is not to say she lack experience and wisdom. Her writing and blog is so popular that her contents were published on much larger sites such as The Establishment, Bitch Flicks, and Everyday Feminism. this blog is curated by an author whose books on sex and sexuality has been published on Amazon. The blog contains very high quality articles. a clue to the contents of this blog is in the name of the site. The author is on a crusade to ensure sex is not boring for married women. The blog contains useful tips and advice on how to make sex more exciting in the bedroom. this blog would not normally make it to this list, because it is now so active. The quality of its contents however meant it should not be ignored. Some of the categories in the blog includes sex toys reviews, sex essays, news, kink, sexual book reviews. the main focus of this blog is now sex, that is not to say it does not contain a great deal about sex.  The main focus is relationship and health.  The sex section focuses on sexual health and sex toys reviews. The author of the blog does more than blog, he is a speaker and a write on the topics featured on his blog. the statement about sex from the author of this blog says it all:  “Sex can be joyful, painful, wholesome or filthy – sometimes all at once. The people involved determine what kind of sex is being had, far more than the physical act alone.” Now you know why this blog was included in our list. this blog was created aby Sarah Brynn Holliday. In its first incarnation, the blog was solely about sex toys reviews. Over time, the author decided to decide to add sexual essays. Her personal essays often focus on depression, trauma, abuse and other weighty subject matter. this is a site by JoEllen Notte. The main focus of her blog is sex toys. She started the blog a few years ago, when she was 32.  She has carefully nurtured the blog into one of the most popular sex blogs online. You will find quality articles about sex, vibrators, sexual communication, sex toys reviews, sex and depression and many others. on this blog you will find posts about sex and relationships. The author of the blog is a medical practitioner, so most of the contents are written from a medical point of view. The blog is far from being a boring medical angle on sex, some of the contents are accompanied by sexual pictures. This makes the blog stand apart from many of its rivals. this blog comes from a London based blogger. She writes about sex topics.  A prolific blogger, her contents are featured on other blogs apart from her own. She is also very active on social media. one thing that sets this blog apart from the rest is the demographics it targets: senior citizens.  Some of the contents includes senior sex news, sex toys reviews, adult films etc. It is an excellent blog that ensure that the over 60 are not left out. this blog is primarily focused on the submissive end of domme sub sex.  Most of the contents are about slave, submission, dominant. The contents is beautifully written. In addition to the contents of the site, the author is very active on social media. Many of her contents are accompanied by very nice pictures. this is a complete sex blog. It does not just focus on mainstream sex blog content such as sex toys and lingerie. The blog contains a healthy BDSM toys section. Each blogpost contains very saucy pictures. the author of this blog described herself as a life-scientist. Her posts contain erotic pictures and saucy content. But it also contains scientific analysis. The posts are primarily targeted at female audience. a well designed blog, the author writes  about sex and has a large adult toys reviews section. Though the blog is relatively young (founded in 2015), the quality and volume of its content has rapidly propelled it into the top of its niche. this blog as with all the other we have reviewed boast a great deal of saucy contents.  You will also find a large selection of adult toys and a great deal of advice on how to use them. the blog is named after its owner, Erika Lynae.  She writes mostly about sex toys. The sex education section of the blog is a very popular category. There is a great deal of contents with advice for the younger adventurers. is a blog that has its fifth birthday in January 2015. Marie, the owner, is creator of Wicked Wednesday, a weekly meme that encourages bloggers to be creative using a non-compulsory prompt. She is founder of a Dutch group for erotic writers and she organizes regular meetings in Utrecht.

Marie lives in the Netherlands with her husband and besides being busy with writing and her website, she works fulltime in her field of expertise. Her blog is a collection of words and images and has explicit auto-biographical content. She writes about her D/s based relationship with her husband, sexual interactions with others and her erotic fantasies, often illustrated with her personal photos. Marie is in her late forties and identifies as being a strong-willed woman who is submissive to her husband. provide a new and exciting perspective on sex tips and relationship advice. Thomas is a relationship coach and the tips integrates the most successful methods and ideas of marriage therapy, relationship counseling, couples counseling & marriage counseling. provides a great blog full of sex and relationship tips and further resources in form of eBooks. Zensensa also offers a free eBook that you should check out.




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Christmas and New Year is the Most Sexual Time of the Year!

Christmas time - the most sexual time of the year!

Christmas time – the most sexual time of the year!

It’s official! Apparently the Christmas and New Year holiday period is the most sexual time of the year. The combination of short days and long winter nights, with the holidays and festivity makes people have sex much more than they normally do at any other time of the year.
We don’t want readers and visitors of Very Naughty Blog to be left out of this sexfest, that seem to take place between December and January. If you don’t have sex on tap at home, or you are not getting enough. Or you just want to try something completely different, maybe try a BBW? all you need to do is sign up to Very Naughty Dating free and let the fun begin.