The Naughty Roundup from Very Naughty Dating: Top 50 Naughty Stories of 2016

Nude girl with apple on white background

Nude girl with apple on white background

A warm welcome to the very first naughty roundup.  We are the pioneer of the naughty dating genre, since we went online in the year 2000, quite a number naughty sites have joined the genre. Many of the new sites also have a blog, just like us.

We recently decided that it will be a lot of fun to share some of the naughtiest contents we find online with the readers of our blog. Without much ado, we present you the very first Naughty Roundup. We hope you will enjoy it.


Fredie at


“I was in the army and had some leave,I had a friend in Leeds so as usual I was on the A1 thumbing a lift. It was the main truckers route and they were good at picking up soldiers,they got some company and so we had no trouble getting a lift.”

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Melanie Berliet at


“Her hair was long and sleek and soft and her nipples were these perfect little raisins begging me to suckle them. She went down on me like she wanted to suck it, badly, massaging my shaft and bopping her head up and down like a pro. Then she mounted me and started moving her torso, snake like, getting her hula groove on right on top of me. When she came, she screamed and grabbed her tits and the sight and sound of her orgasming was enough to push me over the edge. We came together, pretty much, which is rare with a stranger but the sex was that fucking good.”

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Guest at


“Over the next two weeks I played it really cool. Connie was fucking me three or four times a week, but I knew she had other plans on the days that she’d get up early to shower and “prepare” for the day. What this meant was shaving her pussy to a smooth finish. She would put on sheer panties and a sexy bra….. all hidden under her work cloths.”

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The Cut at


“When all the kids are asleep, my wife and I cuddle in bed. I have a massive boner. We’ve been together for a decade, so the sex isn’t what it was, but it’s still pretty good. Last year I got “snipped,” so we’re still enjoying the freedom of that. I fuck her from behind while rubbing her clit hard, around and around, how she likes it. Brief flashes of Brie, but nothing I can’t handle.”

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Unknown author at


“We ended up watching a movie on Netflix and cuddling on the couch. After the movie was over, I hugged him and he left and I went to bed.

Of course, my mind went back to thinking and have been thinking ever since I woke up. Just trying to sort everything out. With a little bit of a clearer mind now, I think I have figured it out.”

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Lucie Blush at


“The fact that my personal life and my professional life are somehow intertwined doesn’t really make it easier. Porn has always been a sort of catharsis for me. It helps me accept myself, identify what I want and it gives me the freedom to be who I am. However, right now, as my heart is broken, it’s hard to relate to porn and sexual desire in general. I have watched a few scenes lately, but I’m always torn between my pussy and my heart. I’m super horny because for the first time in a while, I haven’t had sex in, like, a month. On the other side, I’m a total wreck and fantasizing about hot, passionate sex reminds me of my pain.”

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Unknown author at


“There’s the gender issue to consider – if a professional woman visited a single bloke in his den and the bloke spontaneously suggested sex, that would probably be viewed in a predatory and dim light if it became public knowledge. When it’s the other way round, it’s slightly more acceptable. Not very fair but you can see why I guess.”

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Cara Sutra at


“Masturbation for women has also been looked down on by people who seem to view it as a replacement to sex in a relationship. Something a woman does if her partner can’t satisfy her. The insults fly, both ways, whether she ‘will have to sort herself out as my bloke’s useless in bed’ or ‘there’s a reason your girlfriend’s got so many vibrators, mate!’.”

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Justin Hancock at


“With dry humping people can rub their most sensitive bits together (or against each other’s thighs) so they are giving each other similar levels of stimulation at the same time. It can be really sexy when people feel they are enjoying something as much as each other. Also people with penises then don’t feel they have to be hard, or feel under pressure to last longer.”

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Unknown author at


“Eroticon 2016 happens in just under two weeks, and there is still time left to get an Eroticon ticket. I wrote a blog post last year about why Eroticon is amazing, so check that out and please do come along if you’re a sex writer or blogger. We’re nice people and we don’t bite, honest. What’s more, this might be the last Eroticon for the forseeable future, so make the most of it!”

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Molly Moore at


“Well there are two I will definitely be attending but as I am listed as being the (or one of the) presenters I think not turning up would be frowned upon. Apart from that, Girl on the Net, Hyacinth Jones and Tabitha Rayne sessions are all on my list, the rest, will be determined on a whim.”

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Jillian Boyd at


“As you may have guessed, The Private Collection is the Emmanuelle franchise diving into the waters of the paranormal. Sex Goddess is presented as a kind of spiritual take on the classic Emmanuelle first-movie-in-the-series-origin story, which usually features the catalyst event that takes her into the situation which will unfold throughout the seven/eight films in the series.”

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Simina at


“I realize this is bad. I’m not sure how I acquired this particular quirk. I don’t know if it’s a result of having a largely submissive personality or perhaps a result of my disorder. I don’t like to upset people and I read too much into body language and tone. Because of this, I have allowed things to happen that I wasn’t really okay with, but I didn’t want to make the other person feel bad.”

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Daniel at


“A soft, wet, well-fucked cunt. That’s what I’m looking for.”

The sound of my fork screeching over my pudding plate has half the heads in the restaurant turning in our direction. Normally, I’d be mortified (my mother taught me better) but so shocked am I by the words that have fallen so casually from his lips I barely notice the culinary faux pas. To the extent that even the stuffy-looking older man giving me disapproving looks from the table near the window fails to provoke even the smallest hint of shame.”

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Hyacinth at


“The idea that women exercising their freedoms to express their sexuality, sensuality, or art are working against the grain of feminism or empowerment is preposterous.  Sex and our bodies are not the only things that make a woman feel empowered — they’re just a couple — and some of us are fighting the fight this way because it’s what we do best.”

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Unknown author at


“She took Larry? What a bitch!” I groan and shake my head. “Sorry, Max, that was rude.” The cape billows before floating down to cover his wide chest. I lift his ponytail to fasten the neck closure and catch a hint of cologne – undertones of citrus – I want to bite his neck. “True, but rude.”

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Hispetitelle at


“I am married to a former model and that’s about as sophisticated  as it gets. The majority of models don’t make that much and it’s a very short-lived career. He shot for some cool layouts way back when and he earned the whopping editorial rate of $75-$125 an hour. He does wear an suit well and is in great shape, but it’s his job to be in shape.”

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Steeled Snake at


“A million thoughts race through my head immediately.  The first is “OMIGOD look at this vixen and … OMIGOD!” and the second is “HOLY CRAP, my employees are going to see her!”  These seem to happen both at the same time.  Both as loud.”

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Molly Moore at


“I know I really shouldn’t play these games with Daddy. Good girls are not meant to be naughty like this but it is so much fun and even though I know we are being very wicked together I like the way it feels when Daddy touches me and whispers into my ear. “I am going to make you into a big girl”

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Melina Greenport at


“Embarrassment and exhilaration trembled through me. Suddenly aware of my wet thighs and cold toes, I began to say no when Fred appeared in the doorway. He had seen countless women nude–models for his paintings–but finding them crying in the arms of his naked wife was likely unusual. I stepped behind Sadie to cover myself, not knowing what to expect.”

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Unknown author at


“The truth hurts. Lies sooth and caress me. I can replay them in my mind before I go to sleep, like counting sheep. I don’t want to know that I’m not as beautiful as the last girl you fucked. Don’t tell me the name of the woman you think about more often than you think about me. Give me the sugar-coated pill of sweet, sweet lies. Then I’ll be grateful. Then I’ll do what you want.”

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Unknown author at


“In the bathroom, they took turns playing with each other. Renee pulled up her dress–she never wore underwear–and Nichy kissed her as she played with Renee’s clit. At the same time, she watched Renee’s ass reflected in the bathroom mirror. Suddenly, there was a click at the bathroom door, Renee pulled down her dress but not before Nichy gave her a smart spank.”

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Kendel Davi at


“The words shot out of Allison’s mouth and she slapped her hand over her lips just as quick before tilting her head towards her bible. Her legs remained prone as I felt her guilt wrap around my body from the depth of my cock inside her.”

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Tabitha at


“But can you see the others? You have been instructed not to turn.

You have been instructed to give all attention to the action in front of you.

But I can see it. I can look past the flexing muscles and watch it all.

Now you want to twist and see but you mustn’t. Can you

guess? Can you guess how many by the hissing of breath and slapping noises of fisted

palms on flesh?”

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Marty at


“I watched my screen transfixed. There she stood smiling.Tall, lean, in a black sweatshirt and dark running shorts. She ran her hands through her soft mane. Cross armed, she slowly lifted off her top. Swelling breasts were barely contained in an alluring black bra. I intently watch her taut stomach muscles flex, then relax.”

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Unknown author at


“He’s stroking his cock faster, my shoe hanging off his erect cock. He rubbed his precum on the tip of my black flat. Rubbing it into the shoe with the tip of his cock. Bringing my shoe up to his face, he takes a deep breath and smells my shoe. He licks the outside of my shoe, all the while my other foot is rubbing his cock. “I wanna cum in your shoe.” he utters.”

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K.C. Cave at


“I was out of my cutoffs and pulling my T-shirt off as Tim pushed down his jeans. Looking up and down the half-mile of lakefront, illuminated as if by streetlights by the powerful moon, I couldn’t quite believe we were the only people taking advantage of this magnificent scene. It was just so beautiful. Barely ten at night, the moon was already high in the sky. We could see our shadows as we struggled out of our clothes.”

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Vicvista at


“It’s those times when my eyes burn through your soul, melting you in a thousand ways. You’re powerful in a thousand more but your need to be used, marked and owned even stronger. Your wanting and craving to surrender the debased desires of the attached cock that is mine and mine alone. The play toy for my deepest, darkest pleasures. And the knowing I understand, overwhelming your being.”

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Kilted Wookie at


“Fuck me, it felt good. So different from when I stroked myself. She never touched my bare cock; mostly it was just the friction of the material against me as she rubbed.  I was aroused. She was getting off on how much I was enjoying her.”

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Beck at


“I could feel my girly juice start to leak out of my pussy. Leaning back and staring at the screen as I parted my labia. Dipping my fingers inside my pussy just enough to wet them. Spreading that wetness onto my clit. Circling my fingers around my clit. Forcing the hood of my clit back. Rolling my thumb and index finger over my clit. Stroking it until I no longer needed to hold my hood back.”

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Unknown author at


“She does, and I scream, and jerk my hand away, shaking it rapidly. She covers her face, aghast at what she has done. He pulls me against his chest in a tight hug. You okay? Yeah. I squeeze him tight. I shake my hand a bit more. Hey, it’s okay, it really is, I tell her. And now it’s her turn to play with her partner at it.”

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Unknown author at


“I will pick up the kids. I will sort out something for dinner. I will move the laundry. If, and only if, you go to your happy place right now (I have a rough life). Close your eyes. You are laying outside in the sun. You are nice and warm on your oversize sofa with your blanket. You stretch out as the sun’s rays hit every inch of your gorgeous naked body.”

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Submiseric at


“Yesterday’s play was one of the best if not the best times i’ve been Dommed as a sub. The last time i was Dommed was back in mid December which was a spur of the moment thing. This was a planned Dommeing and something i’ve needed for what has felt like ages and it was simply amazing!”

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PainAsPleasure at


“The first blow takes my breath away and I gasp in shock. The cane has real weight and bite. At this point 36 seems an impossible number and I am already fighting to control my breathing. Louisa, as instructed, calls for the next stroke, but she is going too fast for me to process one flash of pain before the next one arrives. Around half way through I am in trouble, really fighting it, Louisa holding me down onto the bench for each stroke. The pain is not on the surface but deep down, hard and bruising.”

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Sex Is My New Hobby at


“I asked Wolf if he would experiment some, try different levels of intensity, try rolling my nipples slowly between his fingers, pulling, twisting, try sucking on them and not gently. He said he would try. I was still a little irritable and yet within moments he had me groaning and writhing and wet. Oh yes. That was good.”

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Unknown author at


“However, this did nothing to deter me from further exploration, to the extent I got quite a thrill from straddling a boyfriend’s face, naked, on the floor of my living room a few years later, both of us listening to my father snoring just above us. My defiant, rebellious side always won out! I dread to think what would have happened to that poor guy, (and to me), if my father had ever discovered us!”

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Theotherlivvy at


“Basically, I don’t like these averages; I don’t like how they are used and I don’t trust them to be representative. I don’t like that these numbers are used to determine what is best, and I particularly don’t like that these numbers are used to tell us what is normal.”

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Unknown author at


“As a result, I get lulled into a false sense of normalcy. Of course, my husband has had girlfriends (one of them even became my bridesmaid). Of course, I go to London to see my boyfriend-partner-person. Of course, my boyfriend-partner-person has other emotionally committed relationships. It’s a lifestyle that feels healthy, honest, and stable because, to me, love is neither a pie nor a competition.”

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Nic at


“I’m not monogamous. (I know, you’re shocked. I’ll let that sink in.) Currently, I don’t even have any long-term relationship type partners. I have a couple of friends with benefits who live out of state, and another lover even farther away. Visits with any of them are infrequent.”

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Unknown author at


“One of the interesting parts of being a mother to a child on the autistic spectrum is that I have had many more detailed conversations about different relationships and social interactions and the emotional weighting that goes with them. I know that I have internalised some of this and now having clarity in my relationships is a huge priority for me.”

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Unknown author at


“I have a lot of pictures of my own pussy in my phone. Because fuck sending nudes, I’m going to send you a full blown, close up pic of my pussy, all clit, all labia, a little bit of hair: all of it. Kind of like how dudes send chicks dick pics, but I think that is appropriate because I think that you need the grand tour of exactly where your face is going to be for 45-120 minutes next Thursday night after you buy me eight drinks at the bar.”

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NerdyDirtyGirl at


“So back to this women submitting to men thing. In the context of my early years, this sort of submission was always Biblical. God is above Man. Man is above Woman. The End. Even at a young age, that was just inherently wrong to me so I became a feminist. I swore I’d never submit to anyone, let alone a man. After I was abused, my animosity toward submission to a man grew even stronger. It’s obvious in hindsight that I was taking control of my sexuality because control has been stolen from me, but at the time I didn’t realize that.”

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Alice King at


“Malflic and I discuss everything and anything. For years I have talked to him after various play sessions. I have already fucked up and did not call Malflic back in thirty minutes.  Thankfully Malflic has given me the ok to fix typing issues on this and to add to the list of why this is a punishment.”

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Sub-Bee at


“He pushes me to my knees in front of him, telling me to keep my arms behind my back and slides his soft cock between my lips. I moan as I savour his taste, flicking my tongue over his head the way I know he likes, I feel him growing harder, filling me more. When he’s ready he grasps my head to keep it still and I know what’s about to happen.”

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Ani at


“At first, I thought it was. Given the amount of porn and kinky sex advice books and bloggers around, it’d be easy to believe, from an outsider point of view, that we’re just all a bunch of pervs having orgies with lots of whips and chains.

But there’s a lot of non-sexual stuff happening in BDSM relationships. My experience of it has been service to N and R.”

Read full story here:


Ferns at


“How that manifested was in a pretty strong ‘let’s see how much of a bitch you will put up with then’ kind of attitude where I would ‘test’ my power against them. I probably started doing that in my teens. Truth is, boys would put up with pretty much anything I threw at them to be with me, which was both empowering and baffling to me.”

Read full story here:


Unknown author at


“It’s not the end of the world, and it’s not the worst thing ever, but to me, it’s the start of a path I don’t want us to go down. So, y’all know me, I decided we needed to do something about it. We talked it out over a couple of evenings (he’d been working late all week so it was hard to find time to have deep, meaningful conversations).”

Read full story here:


Hyacinth at


“We decided to leave together and find another place to drink.  His pub had closed at 9 so we walked some distance to an even darker pub below street level.  We drank and made out, sloppy revelers in the bowels of a London neighborhood.”

Read full story here:


Ask Lilly at


“Again we have the wrong-condom issue: most condoms that people buy are the kind that are useless in the face of any oils5; but to really protect the toy (and yourself) you would have to cover the entirety of the sex toy to really really be safe. Even if you cover most of the dildo, part of it is still quite likely to get into contact with your bodily fluids and could retain bacteria, etc. These microorganisms would spread inside the porous material, past the surface.”

Read full story here:


Stranded at


“The bridge,” Ellen growled. “You’re gonna fuck me under the bridge.” She bumped her hip against him and grinned up. Looking at his long trench coat with jeans and turtleneck sweater beneath all in matching black, she felt her red minidress and matching pumps left her underdressed. It was not warm enough to wear this regularly yet, but under the circumstances she thought it was her best choice for a quick play.”

Read full story here:



As you can see from the fantastic contents above, the naughty genre is very rich and diverse one.  I hope you had fun reading it, just as we had a lot of fun compiling it.  We have already started working on the next roundup. If you have a naughty blog or know of a naughty content you think we should include in the next naughty roundup, please contact us.

What You Should Know about Ashley Madison Dating Site Hack and Ways to Protect Yourself


The online cheating website Ashley Madison has been hacked recently with roughly 37 million users being affected. The site is known to make cheating easier with a twist by giving users options to create a profile and connect with other married individuals interested in having an affair. The company slogan pretty much says it all: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Since word broke about the security breach experts say users could be at risk of having their personal details become exposed to the public. This is also according to “hackers” claiming to obtain such information unless the company shuts down the site. Here is what you need to know and how to protect your personal information.

Who Is behind the Hack?

The hackers identified themselves as “The Impact Team.” They are threatening release of personal details such as email contacts, credit card details, sexual pleasures and nude photos of user information they allegedly stole. The hackers claim they are not happy with Ashley Madison’s rules about paying a fee to remove personal information from the site when deleting your profile. They claim user personal information is still saved in the company database even after you pay a fee to have your data erased.

Who is at Risk?

Ashley Madison claims an estimated 37 million users worldwide could be affected. This number seems large by comparison but there are reports a smaller number of users could actually be impacted. The hackers also claim to have personal information of users from Ashley Madison’s sister-site Established Men. The Telegraph states more than 1 million British users could be at risk.

There are reports persons affected may file a class action lawsuit if something happens with their personal information. While tech experts are watching the situation closely some users say they are not worried about their information, especially since other more serious hacking have occurred with limited damage. The security breach was notice by Ashley Madison’s parent company Avid Life Media.

How to Protect Yourself

Tech experts recommend AshleyMadison .com users check their security software on their computers. Be cautious of online spending. Be aware of where and when you share personal information. Take advantage of free account deletion for your profile if the site is offering the option. Stay informed and updated on the status of AshleyMadison. com. Pay attention to financial transactions occurring related to your credit card account. Keep in mind this sort of activity can happen on other web platforms. Even if you are not a user of the site these helpful tips is something to consider when engaging in online activity.

18 Adult Dating Ideas During Bank Holiday

18 Adult Dating Ideas During Bank Holiday

18 Adult Dating Ideas During Bank Holiday

Make your next bank holiday a time to remember on the dating scene. A large number of single individuals look forward to spending time with a special someone, especially during bank holiday. This is the perfect time to get out and have some fun during extra time you have off from work. Or, maybe you want to keep things low key and have a date night at home. Whatever the case maybe, you have an assortment of ideas to consider making the best of your date night. Here is a list of adult dating ideas to consider during your next bank holiday.
1. Enjoy a delicious dessert together. You can make something together such as fondue or indulge in your favorite sweet treat during a late night movie. Take turns feeding each other and teasing one another with sweet treats.
2. Gaze at the stars. You can be as creative as you want with this idea. You can take a blanket to sit and cuddle together with while sharing inner most secrets or a laugh. Bring a drink and some music to lighten the mood.
3. Watch the sunset together. You can have dinner and a drink just as the sun goes down. Think about where the atmosphere is beautiful and breathtaking when the sunsets such as at a lake or park.
4. Have a picnic in a different location. This means you won’t have your picnic at the park, but get creative and think of another location that can be just as fun and intriguing to set the mood.
5. Make a dinner date that includes cooking together. Each person can contribute something to the dinner menu or include a favorite food to share. This is a great option when you want to hang out in a comfortable environment and really get to know each other.
6. Go out to eat at a restaurant neither of you has visited before. This can make things interesting for the evening while creating an atmosphere full of surprises. Think about a pub or place that is low key with an intimate dining area.
7. Treat each other to a massage. This is a great way to help each other relax. Try to help your partner feel comfortable by talking to them as you massage them. Ask them what they like and where they would like for you to massage them.
8. Take an evening ride in the car. You can put on some music and engage in conversation. Think about places that look exciting and full of life at night you could drive by and enjoy the view.
9. Play games for two. If you are enjoying date night at home consider playing games like “Twister” or other board games. If you are really creative you can come up with something just for the two of you.
10. Have a movie night with a twist. You can go out to a movie at a theater or consider watching something at home. You can choose to have dinner, snacks or give each other massages.
11. Take an evening stroll hand in hand. Before or after dinner consider taking a walk in the park. Not only can you engage in easy conversation but it helps lighten the mood and the aspect can be calming.
12. Consider engaging in an outdoor activity as the highlight of the day. This can be anything from horseback riding, bike riding or playing a sport. You can enjoy each other’s company while looking forward to engaging in other activity later on (building anticipation).
13. Have a picnic indoors. You and your partner can plan all details and meet at your home. You can have wine, dinner and dessert packed in a picnic basket and each person can bring items to share. Be creative!
14. Visit historical landmarks or places of significance. This is a basic form of sightseeing in your area without spending much money.   If you are passionate about certain exhibits in your area such as art, culture, sports, history or anything along those lines, it is possible your partner may be interested as well.
15. Learn something new together. You can be as creative as you want with this. This can include learning how to play a game or how to make something.
16. Surprise your partner with a date night. You can have everything planned based on what they like to enjoy. You can consider introducing new ideas to make things interesting. Make it fun. Work to create the aspect of suspense for your date.
17. Get competitive. Have some competitive fun by engaging activity where each person can show off their skills. Activities such as the batting cages, rock climbing or go-karting are a few ideas to consider.
18. Taste wine. Look for wineries hosting wine tasting tours. You can do this together as a couple and consider making it a double date with another couple (be sure to have a designated driver).

Do This, Not That: A Twist on Good Girl Moves for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking to make Valentine’s Day different this year? Maybe you are tired of the mushy cards and flowers that seem to lose their beauty by the end of the day. The good news is ladies have an assortment of creative ideas to take advantage of to make Valentine’s Day for their partners more exciting. In other words, say bye-bye to the good girl as we look into ways you can break traditional Valentine’s Day rules to make your partner wish the day would never end. Here are 18 ideas to inspire your special day out of the ordinary.

Undressing in Bed

1. When your partner gets home mark your territory with red lipstick. Keep your lips a bold red color to give them something to look at up until it’s time for bed. You can give them a few kisses but not too many too soon.

Lovely couple

2. Keep your look natural during the day but give a part of your body special attention. Maybe consider the part that is your partner’s favorite. This can be hint on where your partner should get started on Valentine’s Day evening.

blonde girl in lingerie

3. Try something special with your hair down there. You can look into simple Brazilian-style inspired cuts for your you-know-what. The idea is to give your partner a sexy surprise down there, but you don’t have to trim or wax if you don’t want to. There are fun sexy accessories you can wear down there (besides lingerie) you can look into.

stripdancer woman

4. Try something different instead of a thong. Unless your partner really likes to see you in a thong, you can consider something else that shows your assets quite well such as boy shorts. They accentuate butt cheeks and other areas while giving your partner plenty to look at.


5. Have fun with a particular scent to wear just for the bedroom. This can make things more interesting and memorable, especially when you both get naked. Try to find a scent that is relaxing while being a turn on. Spray it on your body including neck and knees.

a blonde

6. When texting your partner give tips on what you plan to do on Valentine’s night. Be the sex goddess you want to be. Make your partner so excited with naughty thoughts and you may not have to say anything else later.

Photo of the woman body in lingerie.

7. Stay away from cheesy Valentine cards. It is one thing to say you want them to be your Valentine, but just save your money and stay clear of mushy love poems.

Happy young married couple experiencing sex together

8. Make it a date night with your favorite spot. You and your partner can have dinner or start the evening at the place you first met. Reminisce about how you met and have fun flirting.

Young couple naked Man and woman making love

9. Avoid making reservations at a fancy restaurant. If you want to avoid the cliché you can omit this gesture, save money and consider going somewhere with meaning to both of you.

a brunette in the bedroom

10. Make a trail to the bedroom with your clothes. Your partner will get the message quick. You can start by giving your partner a juicy kiss when they come home, then start taking off your clothes as you lead them to the bedroom.


11. Forget rose petals. You save yourself a ton of time and money. Besides, a man would rather have a naked body laid out in front of them instead of petals.

Intimate young lovers

12. Get some inspiration from an erotic film you can watch together. You can have movie night but surprise your partner with the private screening of your choice. It’s okay if you don’t watch the whole film. Besides, you can pick up something new from the flick to try on your partner.

Young multi-racial couple. Young lovers who are sexual

13. Avoid renting cheesy movies with corny story lines about love. In some cases films of this nature can kill the mood.

Bedroom games

14. Have your partner accompany you to purchase lingerie or sex toys. Men usually don’t care for shopping, but this is a trip he will want to attend for sure. Let them pick out something they want to see you in.


15. Don’t buy your guy boxers with hearts and cupid print. He may have thoughts about you, but it is best to have your underwear to be the ones he thinks about more when he sees you in them.

beautiful young naked girl with red juicy strawberry in her hand

16. Avoid giving chocolates and candies with cute messages. While there is nothing wrong with sweets, you want your partner to be focused on the best one of all: You.

attractive and sexy brunette hair in wind with leopard shirt

17. Use word magnets to spell your desires to your partner. There are erotic magnetic poetry kits you can purchase that take words such as cum, love and tongue to another level. play around with your desires in words and see what happens on Valentine’s night.

Top Dating Site Clichés Translated

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Top Dating Site Clichés Translated

With the Internet opening all sorts of doors to singles worldwide, there are thousands of dating sites created to help couples find companionship and romance. In order for members of these sites to become matched with each other, they need to complete engaging profiles describing themselves and what they’re looking for in a prospective date. Individual profiling seems to be the most challenging part of the process as is evident by the fact of so many of the same descriptive phrases appearing on nearly all profiles. While it may be boring to read the same phrases over and over again, once you understand how to interpret what people are really saying about themselves, you’ll find that these clichés just might be more helpful than you initially thought.

The Clichés and Interpretations
As you read through the following dating website profile clichés, you’re going to recognize quite a few, if not all, of them. If you’re a true dating site veteran, you may have already cracked the code on them. On the other hand, if you’re just starting out, these offer you a bit of guidance on who to avoid as well as what not to put on your own profile.

1. “I can’t believe I’m really doing this!”
Translation: “I’m actually pretty humiliated at having to turn to a dating site to find someone to go out with me. Since you’re here too, you probably can’t find a date on your own, either, and I’ll keep that in mind. Honestly, I’m not really committed to finding anyone on a dating site. I’m also pretty insecure and would just die if my friends found out I was on a dating site.”

2. “I want my lover to also be my best friend.”
Translation: “I watch tons of chick flicks and I also buy those sappy cards that have mushy poems in them. I don’t have any friends.”

3. “I’m not particular when it comes to type.”
Translation: “I’ll have sex with you on the first date.”

4. “I like all kinds of music.”
Translation: “I don’t want you to know my guilty pleasures when it comes to music because I’m still listening to Air Supply songs.”

5. “I love long walks on the beach and watching the sunset with someone special.”
Translation: “I’m not creative so that’s the best thing I could come up with romantically speaking.”

6. “I want to meet my Soulmate.”
Translation: “Say hello to your future stalker. If you reject me, you’ll be sorry”

7. “I’m in love with life.”
Translation: “I couldn’t think of anything to say.”

8. “Liars and game players need not apply.”
Translation: “I’ve had way too many awful relationships that have turned me into a bitter and insecure person.”

9. “I love to spend time with my friends.”
Translation: “I don’t have any friends. Will you be my friend?” or “I’m a party animal and need someone to hold my hair back while I’m throwing up from too much drinking.”

10. “I love a great sense of humor.”
Translation: “I don’t really know what I want but doesn’t everyone always say they’re looking for someone with a great sense of humor?”

11. “People tell me that I’m a very friendly and happy person.”
Translation: “I’ll laugh at all of your bad jokes just a little too much and too loudly until you want to duct tape my mouth.”

12. “Hi ladies! Contact me to have some real fun!”
Translation: “I’m not funny at all and I also have no imagination. If you want your hope in finding a good man destroyed, by all means get in touch with me!”

13. “I’m pretty laid back (chilled, easy going, relaxed).”
Translation: “I might just be the laziest guy you ever met. My apartment smells funny and you’ll be doing all of my cleaning and laundry. I might also tend to be a bit passive-aggressive.”

14. “I’m really creative and funny.”
Translation: “I’m not creative or funny at all. If I were either of those things, my profile would have reflected it.”

15. “My independence is important to me.”
Translation: “I’m a control freak and have no interest in changing. I’m also hopelessly addicted to Facebook. As long as we live in different countries, it might just work out between us.”

16. “I’m searching for an intelligent girl who loves to laugh and have fun.”
Translation: “I’m looking for a girl with a nice rack and a good ass who’s ready for an instant hookup. As long as you’ve got those qualities, I don’t care if you’re dumb as a rock because I’m one of the most boring guys you’ll ever meet.”

17. “No drama, please.”
Translation: “I’m actually hooked on drama. In fact, I’m most drawn to people that have issues so that I can blame them when the relationship comes unglued.”

18. “I’m just a normal person.”
Translation: “Don’t worry. If we don’t work out, I promise I won’t stalk you.”

19. “I love exploring the city.”
Translation: “I go to the same bars and nightclubs every weekend trying desperately to hook up with someone.”

20. “My life is perfect. All I need is someone to share it with.”
Translation: “I’m so miserable I can barely get up every day. I need someone to give me a reason to live.”

A Few Last Words
Now that you know how to translate the language of dating profile clichés, you’ll also know which ones to avoid listing on your own profile. The key is to always be specific about your description. Don’t simply copy and paste what you see on all of the other profiles. Show yourself to be the unique person that you are.

One last tip for guys: Don’t put too many photos of yourself not wearing a shirt on your profile. Women might like one or two of those, but they will feel that you’re trying too hard to just get laid if all of your photos show you as shirtless.

It’s a new year! Take your new dating site profile knowledge and get started on finding the perfect mate for yourself. This might just be the happiest year of your life!

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