Anal sex for him and her


Anal sex is something that people think about whether they enjoy it, think about trying or say they don’t want to have one. It’s safe to say that penetration in the anus can give you pleasure but still, it’s a matter of choice and taste. For those who enjoy it, it can bring much more pleasure then a traditional stimulation. Women and men, no matter if they are straight, homosexuals or bisexuals, consider anal sex a ‘must have’ in almost each sexual intercourse. If you are one of these people then you know what I’m talking about. 100

As a woman, no matter what your sexual preferences are, you can reach an orgasm by having anal sex. The pleasure comes from the stimulation of your G-spot and your clitoris: both of them have extensions that can be reached through anal penetration. Of course, a proper lubrication is needed to make the experience an enjoyable one. Some women can’t reach an orgasm through this type of sex but still accept it because their partner enjoys it. There is always the possibility of manual stimulation of the clitoris and/or the vagina as your partner works on your back, so both of you should have your cookies.

As a man, you have the wonderful choice of having anal sex. This type of intercourse is a taboo among men because it is usually linked to homosexuality, although straight men also reach an orgasm by having their partner penetrate their rectum. The pleasure is reached by stimulating the male G-spot – which is your prostate – through the rectum as it has nerve extensions there. In other words, you are not considered homosexual if you like anal sex. Moreover, you should be open minded about it and give it a try – you will be surprised in a good way! You can do that alone, when no one is there to possibly judge you, by using a dildo.