Adult and Naughty Guest Posts Welcomed

Would you like to be a guest bloggers on Very Naughty blog? We would like to host your content. We will feature your article on our blog, tweet about it and share it on other social media platforms we have access to. Naturally, we are looking for content that will delight naughty adults.

Please have a quick read below, for the editorial guidelines and the type of naughty adult contents, we are currently looking for. If you are not sure of anything, just hit the contact us button, and we will be delighted to clarify things for you.

Naughty and adult related topics we are currently looking for are:

  • Erotic stories
  • Casual sex and naughty stories
  • Dominatrix and sub stories
  • Naughty housewife stories
  • Swingers and voyeuristic stories
  • You are welcome to pitch your own story to us

Guidelines for nughty adult guest post contributors

  • Tell a story – Every good story starts with an introduction, the body of the story and a summary of what the story is about.
  • Stay on topic – Narrow the topic you want to write about, and stay focused on it. Rambling and meandering text will lose you readers. .
  • Stay focused on what you are writing about. Pepper your article with useful know-how, tips, techniques that can help your readers.
  • Write in the third or first person – We are pretty relaxed about the voice used in your article. You can write as yourself or in the third person. We just ask that you are consistent; use one voice through your article.
  • 800 words or more – What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. While we want your article to be concise and focused, it needs to be at least 800 words or more.
  • Images & videos – We give higher priority to articles illustrated with images, pictures or videos. Please ensure you have the permission required to use the images or videos.
  • Exclusivity – The article you submit to us must be unique, not previously published online and must be new.
  • Author’s bio – Please include brief information about you, including a link to your site or social media profile. Only one link may be included in this section of your article.
  • Comment on posts – We expect authors to respond to comments left on their article by readers