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Do you smoke; do you enjoy being with a man or woman who smokes and watching how their fingers and lips caress a cigarette or cigar? Are you fascinated by smokers and inextricably turned on by the way they tease you with their deep, slow inhalations and their long, sexy exhalations, making a shape with their mouth that makes you want to kiss them and lose yourself in their taste? If you do, you have a smoking fetish.

It's a sign of the times we live in that smoking is no longer seen as a social pastime that can be enjoyed in public places. This makes it much harder to identify men and women who might share your smoking fetish when you follow the traditional dating protocol of meeting in a bar or a restaurant, and this can add up to a whole lot of wasted time.

Smokin' Sex

When you join Very Naughty, you can get in contact with other naughty members who want what you want. If you have a smoking fetish and you want to date a smoker, you can be upfront and say so, and if you enjoy the experience of sharing a cigarette after sex, you can come right out and say so because you're going to find there are plenty of other members on our site who get off on the same things you do and want the same kind of sexy fun that you do.

Very Naughty members know what they want and they don't want to have to hang out in "smoking areas" outside clubs and bars to get it, and they don't want to find themselves wasting time with someone who really thinks they should kick the habit – they want to have the sexy time of their life with someone who loves the eroticism of lighting up and getting straight down to the business of lighting your fire.

If smoking does it for you, do it NOW with Very Naughty.