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If you get turned on by women’s feet, you’re not alone. A foot fetish is one of the most common among men and it’s known that Elvis Presley, Andy Warhol, and Casanova all got off on lavishing attention on a woman’s sexy feet. Maybe you’re unaware of your foot fetish, but do women’s feet in strappy sandals, sexy peep-toe shoes, or killer high heels get your attention and make you feel aroused? Maybe beautifully pedicured bare feet do it for you, or maybe you’ve found yourself surfing the net in search of images of feminine feet? Either way, if you have a foot fetish and get turned on by a woman’s feet, it’s not always easy to admit it, right?

When you go down the traditional dating route, you can’t guarantee you’re going to get the response you’re hoping for if you admit to a woman you’ve just met that you’re turned on by her feet or that you have a foot fetish, but this all changes when you join the Very Naughty adult dating world. Very Naughty members know what they want and they’re looking for people who want the same thing. They know what turns them on and they want to be able to get straight down to business with someone who wants the same kind of kinky fun. Men who get off on licking and kissing feet and nibbling and sucking on toes can hook up with women who get off on the sensual feeling of a man’s tongue and fingers caressing and massaging their feet – what could be simpler, sexier, and more fun than that?

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