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You will think, being a naughty dating site, we will be unmoved by any profile and stuff members chuck at us, well, I am afraid some of our members are way way naughtier than us, but they tend to meet their match, it is our job to ensure they do. That is why we are placing this post online to advertise for really naughty men who can sort out this sex crazed women.

Today, we have about five or them. The hottest of them being Kathleen, a nymphomaniac from North London. You can read part of her profile below, sign up free if you are not already a member to connect with her

    Kathleen looking for Naughty Dating

Kathleen looking for Naughty Dating











Kathleen is a mature woman from North London and looking for a naughty man in her area.

Here is Katheleen’s characteristics”

Playing Safe: With a new partner.

Favourite Position: Rear Entry.

Interests: Strip clubs, Fetish clubs, Adult movies at home, Adult movies at cinema, Swinging parties, S&M clubs, Visiting “Special” shops, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Rimming – receiving, Rimming – giving, Mutual Play, Role Playing, Voyeurism, Public games, Fun with food, Water sports, Anal.

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Very Naughty - Mature Naughty Dating

Very Naughty – Mature Naughty Dating

Mature Adult Dating Profiles & Photos – Very Naughty

We have just created some new pages just for you naughty mature men and women out there. If you are definitely not interested in men or women younger than 40 years of age, the new mature pages may help you navigate our site quicker.

That is not to say naughty younger girls and guy under 40 are not welcomed to explore profiles and pictures of this Very Naughty mature singles and couples. As a mater of fact, if you are under 40, prefer dating older people, the very naughty mature pages are just the right pages for you.

Pictures and profiles in the naught mature pages are quite rich in grannies looking for a date, dogging couples looking for a man and sometimes a woman to complete a threesome and men who would like to watch their wife being giving one by another man. We also have married people whose sex life has ground to a halt, inviting you to come and help them kick start it.

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Britain’s got talent – Woman doing tricks with her bottom

Very Naughty - Britain's got talent

Very Naughty – Britain’s got talent












She is unlikely to be offered audition at Britain’s got talent because her performance may be considered lewd. I think most guy would think is just fantastic the way she can flip the cup over with her backside (perhaps its just a cleaver editing rather than an actual performance whatever it is, most guys would agree is rather sexy and funny

sexy ass move, woman performing tricks with bottom, Britain’s talented ass

Dogging in Sussex – Couple with straight male, bi female Wanted

Dogging in Sussex - Couple wanted

Dogging in Sussex – Couple wanted

Dogging in Sussex – Couple with straight male bi female Wanted

As you probably have guessed, some of the naughtiest people in England live in Sussex. Just think of the naughty City Fund manager in the news recently, he evaded fares on the trains for over 5 years before we was finally caught, he is paying back £42,000, estimates of the fare he dogged over the years. He is however not as naughty as the couple we have for you today.

They are from East Sussex, they are into dogging. The female of the pair is called Sam, she is in her late thirties. Sam will happily bed a man or a woman or both at the same time. Her partner is straight, he just loves giving it to women and has no problem with other men giving it to Sam while he watches. Here is a some information them and what they are looking for:

Here is what Sam looks like:

Eye Colour : Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Short
Height: 5’8″
Build: Voluptuous
Ethnicity:Caucasian / White
Marital Status :Married
Non Smoker
Social Drinker
Does Sam Playing Safe? :Always
Shaved Down Below? : Smooth
Favourite Position: 69

More words from Sam:

looking for couples with straight male and bi fem..wife wants to be done by the men and the women.. hubby wants to do the woman too. Haven’t dogged for a while so want many men to come bang cover me in cum then go..also looking for bukake volunteers.. to cover wife. We would also like some single women for hubby to fuck.

Dating Diary and Profile of a Naughty Woman From Walthamstow, London

East London Woman Looking For Saucy Emails

East London Woman Looking For Saucy Emails

It is not true that boring girls kept diary, while naughty girls are out there having all the fun. Some seriously naughty girls still find the time to keep a diary. A very good example that disproves the dictum is the diary of one of Very Naughty dating members called Bea. She has an extraordinarily adventurous sex life and kept a diary for you voyeurs to read and enjoy, here are some excerpts from Bea’s diary. (The contents are too filthy to be post in its entirety but if you join Very Naughty Dating free of charge, you can read her full diary entry. Bea join Very Naughty Dating London but you can be sure there is a hot naughty woman like her in your neighborhood.

Bea’s Naughty Dating Diary

I could feel myself stretching as he pushed harder and deeper…I thought he will come out in my mouth…he he withdrew a little before thrusting it deeper into me….the restraints tempering my body’s bucking…..I could feel a…
He knelt forward and kissed me on my mouth…I could taste myself on him…it was a lovely sweet taste…I knew now why it was often called nectar or honey…I wanted to taste more of myself..

Bea is always looking for new men to experiment with, here is her characteristics:
Eye Colour: Grey Green
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Hair Length: Short
Height: 5’5
Build: Slim

Ethnicity:Caucasian / White
Marital Status: Single
Non Smoker
Non Drinker
Playing Safe? : With a new partner
Down Below Shaved?: Yes, smooth
Favourite Position : Missionary

Here are other naughty and kinky stuff Bea likes:
Swinging parties, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Rimming – receiving, Rimming – giving and Mutual Play.

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