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10 Things You Should Never Do Before Having Sex

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Nothing is more glorious and satisfying than a great sexual encounter! This should not be surprising to couples because sex is meant to be as enjoyable as possible. Just think about it for a minute. The ability to have sex is one of the most pleasurable acts that is gifted to mankind. There is nothing hotter than two partners having a night of steamy passion. Now, having said that; it is also necessary to know that there are some things that can kill the mood and significantly cut back on the pleasure that you could be having. Look at the following bad ideas to indulge in before diving into a truly satisfactory sexual event.

  1. Avoid over eating: When you eat too much, you will begin to feel sleepy and sluggish. This is especially true if you have a large amount of carbohydrates such as in rice or potatoes. If you are pretty sure that you will be engaging in sex but you are feeling a bit peckish, try snacking on some fruit or nuts washed down with water. This will give you a healthy energy boost.
  2. Stay away from energy drinks: It might seem to be a good idea to gulp down an energy drink just before having sex because it will keep you energetic and increase your stamina. The problem is that all energy drinks are loaded with sugar. While this might give you high energy for a little while, that vanishing sugar buzz will having you crashing hard with less energy than ever.
  3. Don’t argue with each other: It is common for partners to argue particularly if they have been together for several years. The novelty of available sex wears off and things get heated at times. However, don’t argue right before you are about to have sex. That will just make for an uncomfortable coupling. Even if you both put the disagreement aside, it will still be at the back of your minds and will take away the motivation to please each other.
  4. De-stress: When you have too much stress in your life, sexual encounters can suffer. Stress can cause such things as performance anxiety or even erectile dysfunction in men and cause women to be unable to get in the mood. If it has been a hard day, take a few minutes to meditate or incorporate a foot or back massage into foreplay. It will also help if you eat more fruits and vegetables daily.
  5. Choose toothpaste or mouthwash over peppermint for fresh breath: Obviously, no one wants bad breath to be a part of having sex. It may seem easy to pop a peppermint into your mouth, but go for brushing your teeth instead. Peppermint has menthol in it and can reduce testosterone levels which can cause libido to decrease.
  6. Visualize a good body image: Society has put so much pressure on people to look perfect that not being a 10 can bring on distress and anxiety. That is why it is important to refuse to allow negative body image thoughts to sneak into your mind. Instead of thinking “I wish I had a better body,” focus on the flattering parts of your body and keep those positive thoughts flowing.
  7. Don’t rush that first encounter: When having sex with someone new for the first time, don’t rush things. Take your time and learn about each other. Experiment with various things and see what works. Keep your expectations realistic and just enjoy the time together.
  8. Don’t touch yourself right before sex: This is something that is probably obvious to most people, but there are those who masturbate an hour or so before they have sex. They think that it will prolong the experience before reaching orgasm. This might do the trick for many men, but it can also render them unable to get an erection until they have rested for a while. That can put a damper on things.
  9. Sex should never be a chore: When couples begin to lose their motivation and creativity regarding sex, the passion and love that was formerly experienced between them can simply die. Sex should never be a mechanical chore that only happens once in a while or it can lead to decreased pleasure. Instead, have some fun by trying out new positions, various locations, and do some roleplaying to enact fantasies.
  10. Avoid nicotine and alcohol: Oddly, once upon a time, cigarettes and alcohol were advertised as being a symbol of sex appeal and manliness. These days, though, it is known that both of these things have been identified as libido busters. Smoking constricts the blood flow in your body which can cause erectile issues. Alcohol causes some of the same problems even though it will loosen you up and make you want sex. However, it can also cause erectile problems.

There may be more things that you do not want to do if you are planning to have sex, but these are at the top of the list. Follow these rules and you will have a wonderfully satisfying experience.

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Kim from Welwyn Garden City, like it doggy style
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